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I recently have spent a couple of days trying to post a postcard to Russia( requested at the end of July), but none of the UK Post Offices in my city will take it. I’ve been absent from Postcrossing for a few months, but checking the Postal Monitor on the main site, the UK is still sending post to Russia. As I’m not on social media, have I missed any updates? I have sent an email to the people running Postcrossing regarding this, but am awaiting an answer.
Many Thanks

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You don’t need to take it to the post office, just drop it in a box with appropriate postage.


Thanks for your reply! Unfortunately the staff ask the item to weighed and where it is going when I ask for a £1.85 stamp.I understand the need to cautious of what is going through the post, but I think this is bordering on the ridiculous!

You can just ask for the stamps. They don’t need to know what you use them for.

My cards to Russia are arriving as normal. Latest ones I sent on the 20th of July and one of them only took 19 days.


From your replies there seems to be an inconsistency in Post Office training as it’s not the first time I’ve encountered reluctance on the Post Offices part, resorting to courier for a parcel. I’ll try without the postcard and see what grilling I’ll get from the staff!

I run a Post Office in Wales and as far as I know there is not a problem at the moment. There is no need to weigh a postcard as they are generally under 10g. As advised by another member, just go in and ask for £1.85 stamps and airmail stickers. Then take them out to the box and post them without any questions. Good luck.


I know that there are some delays to Russia and nearby countries, so perhaps they are saying they aren’t sending to Russia at the moment to cope with the backlog? Even then, you would expect Royal Mail to issue a statement!

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This seems particular to your local post office? About a week ago I sent my first Postcrossing card, and it was to Russia - I didn’t know about what I needed to do, so I just walked in and said “I need to send this to Russia” and the guy got me the stamps and that was that.


Many thanks for all the replies!
I finally managed to get my card posted in an out of town Post Office. The Postcrossing staff replied suggested that the reluctance on the staff could have been due to personal prejudice of the staff/ management of the current situation. I’m just glad I’ve finally got it posted!


@Bobbylass I buy £1.85 commemorative stamps from the Royal Mail website because my local Post Office rarely has special stamps for my Postcrossing postcards. I’ve been given three Postcrossing Russian addresses recently. One postcard has expired (currently 104 days) and the other two are now 30+ days.
Just stick your stamp on and post without having to get it weighed - or if your main Post Office has the automated self service stamp machines, use them.
Happy Postcrossing!