UK Stamp Question

Does anyone in the UK know if I can use more than one of a ‘Europe up to 100g’ stamp to make up a bigger value on a parcel? I have a few lying around, I think they are for letters too, not large letters.

Hi try the Royal Mail website at to be safe…

As far as I know if when you take t to the post office to be sent it has the price of more than price it will cost to send on it with stamps then there should be no problem, that’s if sending in U.K. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps…


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Thanks, yeah sending from the UK, I’ve just never used post and go before and I got some from Philatelink. I’ll take it in to be checked just in case, hopefully it will be ok.

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Yes, you can - all stamps can be used alone or in combination with others, as long as the total value you put on there is enough in the end. You can find all the prices here on p10 (Europe up to 100g is £1.68) oops I forgot the link!

I got told today at the Post Office that all the Europe and Worldwide weren’t valid anymore because they were unable to order them, however I’ve been using them with no issue up until now.

Thanks for the link :smiley:

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I really do find UK Post Offices appalling for spreading misinformation. A few weeks ago I had to send some important documents to Ireland, and before I set off I checked the Royal Mail website which said that there were issues with sending to some parts of Europe, but not to Ireland. The bloke in the Post Office was insistent that mail to “southern Ireland” was restricted and wouldn’t take the item. Complete hogwash and I needed to return to a different PO the next day to actually send it.

Well, if it was something to send to Belfast instead, I’ve heard about one London post office who said the sender would need international postage on it…

If in doubt, consult Royal Mail. They do (eventually) respond to twitter messages. In general in these times, I expect customer service to be rather busy.