UK Stamp Purchasing

Where do those of you in the UK get hold of stamps that are not the standard post office ones?

I am wanting to get a few nicer £1.70 or lesser value stamps to cover posting out cards but don’t want to buy in bulk eg. sheets of 25 of the same design but rather 1 or 2 of each design.

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Ebay! Obviously check the seller’s ratings, but there are some awesome deals to be found. Especially with booklets of older stamps with quirkier designs

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I must admit I am rubbish with eBay - I am having a look around but unsure what to search for to be honest as I have no idea what hinged, part hinged etc etc even means at this stage!

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I was the exact same way (I’m new so we’re talking like a week ago lol). You’re looking for MNH or mint never hinged, which means it hasn’t been used.

Also, I get best results searching “first class booklet” :relaxed:

As mentioned before amongst the UK/IRL section of the Forum,

Royal Mail official website has the last two years worth special stamps for sale, but charge £1.45 for delivery under £50, so I do a once a year bulk order from them.
Philatelink was always a popular place to obtain discounted older and current UK stamps.

Ebay be weary, but as @mamabear said, look at the seller, I personally don’t recommend ebay officially but look for Mint presentation packs and miniature sheets.


Pieceofthepastcrafts on Etsy had £10 bags of mixed denomination stamps for sale yesterday. I’ve never bought from her, but I follow her on Instagram, so often see that she has new offers.

I have bought lots from Philatelink. They are hampered at the moment because of lack of stamp auctions because of Covid, but they still have 1st class stamps at less than cost price (2x 1st class stamp to send a postcard abroad). You never know exactly what you’re going to get until you open your package, which I love.

I’m very wary of eBay. Potentially, lots of forgeries there.

I think by “Standard Post Office ones " you mean avoiding the Machins ( the definitive stamps wth the Queens head on) . To be honest your best bet unless you want to chance buying online is to get down to your nearest Main Post office on the date the new issues come out , for instance last week the Dennis and gnasher” stamps came out, there are 10 different stamps a mixture of both First class and £1-70 ( the worldwide rate for postcards), 4 of them are on a very attractive minisheet that you can peel off . You may want to pop into your Main Post Office and make sure 1) they get all the new issues and 2) Which counter clerk at which position sells them. You wont be alone if you go the first day of issue and usually once you get to know the counter staff they will put what you want aside for a few days. Usually yo have to hover until that counter position that sells the commemorative is free. That way you can build up a selection of attractive stamps for your Postcrossing and it also has the advantage that you don’t have to buy what you don’t want, you should be able to buy a strip of one stamp if you want to. Some “small” Post Offices may moan if you want multiples of one stamp maybe 20 as it means they would have the set less one stamp for collectors that want a full set. Dont worry about that they should be selling what you ask for and being sensible about it. Dont forget you could combine 1 X Commemorative first class with one definitive ( Queens head ) if the commemorative is a long stamp ( like Dennis and Gnasher )
Next issues 22nd July Wild Coasts
12th |Aug Industrial revolution
2nd Sept Brtish Army vehicles
17th Sept TBA
19th Oct Rugby Union
2nd Nov Christmas

As explained by others
MNH Mint not hinged, ie unused Post fresh ( Unmounted mint means the same )
Mint means it’s as it was sold but has been in a collection and may have a hinge or hinge remnant attached, it should have full gum on the reverse except where the hinge has been attached. Sometimes the hinges are left on sometimes not.
MH Mint hinged, been in an album at some stage hasn’t been through the post BUT it is still gummed that’s the important question, usually they will be.
Booklets, these will have 6 stamps comprising 4 normal definitives ( Queens head ) plus 2 self-adhesive commemoratives.
Also stamp fairs will be starting up over the next couple of months, there’s a big one in Leamington Spa today, go have a look around a local one, ask for " postage" that’s the dealer term and you should be able to Negotiate £75 for £100 worth ,all these are ripped ( not literally )from collections. It’ll be Hobsons choice of values all sorts in there , if you want all first class it’ll cost slightly more.

Try Norwich main Post Office they should have some Dennis and Gnasher mini sheets left you can use all stamps.
Here’s the Dennis and Gnasher, stamps minisheet and booket.

Hope this helps, Best Wishes, D


Some local post offices sell special edition stamps individually. It’s worth asking as not all of them do.

They will also sell the stamps which then make them up to the postage you want.

Best way to avoid paying online postage charges and getting exactly the amount you want.

I tend to buy the half sheets from Royal Mail online. I’ve been placing an order once every six months. I know that doesn’t help with bulk buying, but perhaps try the largest post office near you? They might stock the most recent issues and should be able to sell smaller quantities.


Has anyone tried Philatelink recently? I’m looking at getting a bundle of stamps but they’ve said on the website due to coronavirus you might receive all of the same stamp instead of a mix. Ideally I don’t want all the same, especially if I’m ordering in bulk, so has anyone ordered a bundle recently and can tell me their experience?

I ordered a month or so ago and received a fair amount of duplicates (primarily Lara Croft and Star Trek stamps) but there was still quite some variety amongst those I did receive :slight_smile:

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I’ve ordered lots of 1st class stamps from Philatelink recently and received a pretty decent mix. Sheets of 10 perhaps, rather than lots of individual ones. I got 10 of the same Christmas stamp, but I’ve mixed those up with others.

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@Binnington @claireandivy - thank you, that’s really helpful. I just need them to come back in stock now :sweat_smile:

Some things I’ve learnt
Look for mint/unused stamps on ebay
Don’t worry about hinged.
There are plenty of first class stamps available & 2 x 1st class = £1.70
Also befriend your local post office /ask for proper stamps not stickers in whatever pictures they have in stock & try in others towns when visiting.
Avoid the stickers for international post sold at visitor attractions
Post office on line is a good service although their site is poor. I’ve found as I’m using a lot a half sheet isn’t so bad.
Happy hunting x

I just got 50 quids worth of the new military vehicles and wild coasts stamps, all in convenient 1st or £1.70 denominations. Some very nice brightly coloured ones in the coasts set.

On the other hand … it’s been two weeks since I last got a card in the post :frowning:

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I bought the Wild Coasts set and some of the new Marvel/DC Stamps which are wonderful!

I was going to order from the Post Office today, but Google gave me

Has anyone used them? Can anyone advise how I would tell if they are fake or otherwise fraudulent? (I know that they say genuine, but any site would say that!)


I’d place a small order to start with, see what you get. If the stamps aren’t very sticky then they’ve probably been used already and so aren’t kosher. Likewise if they’ve got postmarks or pen marks on them. But I would expect them to be fine.