UK Postal Delays

I wanted to alert Postcrossers to be patient with members in the UK. Sending mail seems fine, but most of us are facing long delays in receiving mail. I live in London and have just received mail postmarked in November! So, please accept our apologies if things are (temporarily) taking a bit longer to be registered. This is largely due to workforce issues relating to Covid infection/isolation, so should improve over the next few weeks.


Yep… problems particularly bad in some areas e.g. Oxford. We’ve mostly been receiving post less than once per week for months :hushed:, since Sept/Oct. Even our local MP has been on the case, as people are missing critical NHS appointment letters, financial docs etc. Seems to be improving slightly (I got mail delivered twice last week :tada::confetti_ball:)


Good to know! My mail “drips in” and “pours in” and I love in West Yorkshire. Letter from Italy took 2 months to reach me! Thanks for the update!


I just came across this article about Royal Mail strike: