UK-only Giveaway - Help Me Destash [CLOSED]

Hello hello everyone :blush:

I’m back from a mini break with postcrossing and it only feels right to declutter my supplies slightly to make room for more :joy:

I have 4 envelopes available for free to the first 4 people who DM me with your address. Each envelope contains 4-5 random, unwritten cards. No need for a lottery - first come, first served. Not looking for anything in return either.

Unfortunately I’m unable to cater to preferences/interests, so please don’t join if you’re picky about the types of cards you may receive. I can assure that they’re all family friendly though.

Any other questions let me know! I’ll be sending them out later today/Monday depending on how soon I receive 4 addresses.

UK only please

UPDATE: All gone!


I would love to take some cards off your hands, if you still have some available
Sending a DM now :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the kind offer! I would love an envelope please if you have any left :heart_eyes:

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Hi! I am interested in your kind giveaway but I am new at this and have no idea how to DM you!! :grimacing::woman_shrugging:t3::crazy_face:

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Hi @TeaCakesAndBooks I’ve just sent you a message and there should be a notification, if you click through to that you can share with me your address privately :slight_smile:

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Have you any left at all please ?

All gone sorry! Will let you know when I host another in the future :slight_smile:

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