(UK) Fake cancellations on Cinderella Stamps

This may seem like a silly question. Basically I help manage a Minecraft server and I want to send out letters to some people in it whom I have their address (Don’t worry, I have gained their permission to do this) with stuff relating to the server. For the fun of it, I decided to make the postal cover different to my regular style which looks like it came from my Kingdom and include a “Cinderella” stamp with my Minecraft Skin’s player head on it. I must admit, while it looks absolutely NOTHING like a royal mail stamp, I basically copied the style. Instead of a barcode, it has my Kingdom’s name. I am wondering if I will be able to “cancel” that stamp with a fake postmark as well, or if Royal Mail will somehow flag that up as stamp re-use.

Will it go to manual review, where a postal clerk just looks at my funny joke, then cancels the real stamp?

Oh also, worth noting, yes I do plan on putting a real Royal Mail stamp on it, and I will not touch the real one at all. This is just for the fake Cinderella stamp.

Edit: Also worth noting that the real stamp will be placed in the correct place in the top right corner. The fake stamp will be placed directly under it.


I don’t think the post office will have a problem with it. It’s something that people with their own local posts do fairly often. For example, here is one from Philosateleian Post - US-SanAntonio-30January2017-Philosateleian | Mick Taylor | Flickr

Your card sounds interessting. I also don’t think thete will be any issue as long as you put the right postage and your postmark has no date. I had lately some issues with chaincards having postal postmarks of different dates. But I think also that was rather a typical German problem of all their rules and regulations xD

I also assume you are fine with the correct valid postage.

But if you can do this in your area, try to go to the post office and have the letters hand cancelled. Because I have received quite a number of mail where someone really went wild with the cancellation stamp and cancelled everything including decorative stickers!


Every state / country has its own rules and practices. In Finland - for example - all letters and postcards will be handled automatically. The most of mail will nowadays go through without any canceling. When the mail will be cancelled, the machine postmarks ALL stamps and stickers on the envelope - real stamps, fake stamps, hand-cancelled stamps and stickers.

I’m a stamp collector and I don’t personally like those fake stamps at all. They are OK in the envelope but not on the cover or on the postcard, for me.

As a postmark enthusiast,

It would be nice to see a picture of what you intend to do?

You can always put your creative envelope inside another envelope which has the real stamp on it.

If you can’t find an envelope that fits, you can create the perfect sized envelope by folding and gluing paper or old calendar or magazine paper to fit

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I sent the letter first class on thursday. Usually it arrives the next morning. It still hasn’t arrived :grimacing: