U.S. Domestic Postcard Rate change

Note that this post has been edited and corrected, thanks to those who researched further and posted corrections in the thread below.

In case you are a U. S. Postcrosser and you were not aware, postal rates for domestic postcards are going up by one cent on 24 January 2021 from 35 cents to 36 cents. Note that domestic post card stamps (the current coral reef stamps) ARE “Forever” stamps, even though they don’t say “Forever” on them. You won’t need to add any postage to use those. The new 36 cent stamps are due to be released by the USPS on 24 January 2021 (a variety of American barns are depicted) and are available fro pre-order on the USPS web site. The press release can be seen here:

USPS Rate Change Press Release

While it is not clear in this release whether the international rate is going up, I believe it remains at $1.20. Note that there is no separate postcard stamp for international correspondence, the $1.20 rate is for the first ounce for any letter or postcard. The circular global stamps ARE “forever” stamps, so any old ones you have will still be good. You can, of course, use any combination of denominational or “forever” stamps to achieve the required postage. The “forever” rate remains at 55 cents for domestic stamps.

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so how about these envies ?

are they enough or are 5 cents missing ?

I am not sure hoe much the add. ounce is counting :wink:

Currently (today’s rates) a domestic (within the U.S) letter up to one ounce costs 55 cents. That rate is not changing in 2021. Each additional ounce currently costs 15 cents. As of 24 Jan 2021, the rate for each additional ounce will increase by 5 cents to 20 cents. So:

Today I send a 1 ounce or less letter in an envelope: 55 cents
Today I send a letter between 1 & 2 ounces in an envelope: 70 cents

As of 24 JAN2021:

Today I send a 1 ounce or less letter in an envelope: 55 cents
Today I send a letter between 1 & 2 ounces in an envelope: 75 cents

Hope this clarifies. When in doubt, add more stamps!

But this one has already been issued long time ago. Or am I wrong? I have received a lot of cards with this particular stamp used.

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Hey there, I have some additional info on two of these points!

Current postcard stamps (the coral reef issue that has ‘Postcard’ printed on it rather than a numeric value) WILL be worth 36 cents once the price change goes into effect. They do act like Forever stamps, in that they will always be worth whatever the postcard stamp rate is at the time they are used. (Source)

I also double checked the official press release and the rate for international mail is not changing - it will remain at $1.20.

I’ve done a bunch of research into the price changes so if anyone has any questions let me know and I’ll do my best to answer!


Sorry to be smart-alecky, but someone pointed out to me that one of the circular stamps I usually end up getting for my international postcards has an image that unintentionally looks a bit like the Covid-19 germ/bacteria/virus (or whatever).
Can’t unsee it.

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@pumuckl Right now, these envelopes are stamped with $1.15. After the price change goes into effect, they will be worth $1.20.

So if you’re mailing internationally, right now you would need to add 5 cents. If you wait and mail them after 1/24, they would be good as is!

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great perfect :wink:
Thanks a lot for the info

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I haven’t seen anything about this, is there a link you can post under this topic? Thanks so much! Also, I didn’t know they were changing the price - this will actually be good for me so I can get rid of my super low denomination stamps faster!

Thanks, I did not know that. I like to use multiple stamps sometimes, so I would have been in trouble if not checking on rate changes. :slight_smile:

I have purchased the pink chrysanthemum stamps and used them as well.

The pink chrysanthemum Global Forever stamp is out sine 24 April 2020.

You are correct, I was wrong originally, those were released 24 Jan 2020.

Oh, that’s okay! But does that mean there won’t be a new Global Forever stamp this year? :frowning:

The USPS hasn’t announced one yet, no.

Rate change coming Aug 29, 2021: according to Forbes.com, “The U.S. Postal Service announced price increases on most forms of mail Friday, with the price of a first-class stamp set to increase 3 cents to 58 cents as of August if the change—part of a plan to reduce the agency’s chronic losses from Postmaster General Louis DeJoy—is approved… Postage for domestic postcards will increase 4 cents to 40 cents, metered letters (used by businesses) will go up 2 cents to 53 cents and outbound international letters will rise 10 cents to $1.30.”

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Does anyone know if 65 cent stamps are unchanged or are increasing as well?
(First Class Semipostal)

Yes, I actually just asked the post office this question:

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:flushed: What? Their price is going down??? instead of increasing/staying the same?

I believe they will still cost $.65. They will just have the value of $.58. (I also just got 2 books of the PTSD stamps. I love them, and they’re for such a great cause!)