U.S.A random goodies lottery (CLOSED)

NOTE: there is an International lottery for anyone interested

Hello! This is a random goodies lottery.
I will be choosing a bunch of fun stuff as prizes. I’ll also try to make it based on your profile.

To enter:
Type in consecutive number (#0)
And username (@ZooDawg)

This lottery will end on Christmas day (Dec 25)
I use an app called Random UX to choose winners.

Good Luck!!!


#1 @marora
Thank you for the lottery! Have a nice day


Thank you and merry Xmas


#3 @nm_rockhound
That’s very generous of you. Thanks for the lottery.

#4 @pammykay
Thank you for the lottery!

#5 @Tara_Bell

Thanks for the lottery!

#6 @PamUSAOhio

Thank you for the lottery. :blush:

#7 @Inkspell

Thanks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

#8 @BarbL

Thanks for the chance!! Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:

#9 @scoutingbear

#10 @Beachyblonde

How fun, thank you!!

#11 @silentmagician :slightly_smiling_face:

#12 @JustMax

#13 @avery27

Thank you for the lottery :slight_smile:

#14 @PostAddy :christmas_tree:

#15 @Crystalinne Oooh goodies are always fun to receive, but at this time of year it would also feel like a bit of Christmas generosity. Thank you for the offer and chance to win. Be well. :tulip::tada::christmas_tree::memo::love_letter:

#16 @ellistrations

Thank you for the fun!

#17 @breeze2902

Thank you for the goodies lottery!!!

#18 @Elizaveta76
Thank you for the lottery!! :evergreen_tree:

#19 @Cindy406
Thank you for the fun!