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I am new to Postcrossing so I apologise if this topic has already been discussed.
I bought a pack of postcards to get started during lockdown and quickly realised that almost everyone has a preference for certain images (not a problem. In fact it can be very helpful) For the most part people are gracious and say that they are happy for any card if you do not have one that they may like, however I have had a few that seem to have a long list of things they don’t want. I enjoy making things so for the people who like to recieve DIY cards its been easy to tailor one to suit them. It’s been difficult for me during lockdown to find any sources of postcards in the UK that are reasonably priced and I cant just nip to a shop to find one. For example if I purchased one card online that someone had requested including postage to my house and then postage to the postcrosser I could end up spending £6 or £7 which for me is a bit expensive right now.
I feel that if I send a postcard that is on their ‘do not want’ list that they would be unhappy recieving it. This makes me feel a bit sad about doing it.
I guess I am asking for advice on what you would do in this situation. Do you know where to shop for postcards? Would you just write an apology to the person?
Thank you in advance.


I’m in the UK and find that postcard boxes from Amazon are reasonably priced. I’ve bought several boxes of 100 postcards where the price works out at 10-12 pence per postcard. Strangely, the same postcard boxes on eBay are much more expensive.

eBay can be a good source of old PHQ postcards (the postcards sold by Royal Mail based on their special stamps). I’ve bought several job lots of 1-200 postcards at 9 pence per card. You don’t know what you will get, but there’s always a tremendous variety to suit many people’s wishlist. And many Postcrossers love them.

You can buy cheap stamps from Philatelink. They have limited stock because of the pandemic at the moment. But I’ve found them very reliable.

I am a newbie from belgium and I also find it hard to find postcards in stores. Especially the official view cards from my area. But I found some in the local tourist offices. And I find them ugly :joy: because most of them are quite old. I bought one showing some tourist sites and found out one of the pictures just didn’t exist anymore :unamused:

Its similar here. Everywhere I would expect to be able to buy local cards are shut due to covid. I just haven’t been able to find many relevant ones online.

I did buy a set from Amazon but they all follow a theme. I bought a set of old cards from someone on ebay but a lot are from other countries.
Its hard when someone wants flowers, someone wants animals, someone wants boats, someone wants cars and I cant find a set of random cards.
I want to try my best to send everyone something they would like.

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You don’t need to fulfill any wishes, so don’t stress about it (of course it’s great when you’re able to). I only know this shop located in the UK. Maybe you can have a look in your community sub-forum for more specific hints than amazon or ebay: #communities:british-isles


Thank you,
I will take a look.

Bookdepository also has a great selection of postcard boxes and postcard books.

When buying any set of cards, try to find one that you can use for all kinds of preferences. For example, I have the Eric Carle postcard box and it has seasonal cards, lots of different animals, something for (almost) everyone.
If you like sending out illustrations, I suggest the Vintage Postcards from Ladybird box.

Last but not least, you will never be able to please everyone. Send something you are happy with and know you’ve done your best. :slight_smile:


Years ago, I regularly bought nice cards from an eBay seller based in the United Kingdom. There are other sellers there too, but you need to search carefully and read descriptions in the same manner.

Yes, I understand your problem. As @Cassiopheia days, don’t stress too much. When I started I had very little choice of card, and had to send a free ad card to someone who said they didn’t want them. I needn’t have worried. I received a lovely, welcoming message from her. All you have to do is send a postcard, any postcard. And if you can afford it, you can gradually add to your stock to get a bit of variety over time.


Hi, I’m new here too. As far as I can, I do my best to fullfill wishes. But if I can’t, I can’t. Then I chose the one that feels best, or comes closest. After all the profile is for telling something about yourself, not about your card demands or don’t wants. Or so I understood it. (And yes I don’t feel happy about sending a not wanted card - as the purpose is to increase joy, not sadness. - Just thought it would be nice if one could sometimes return an adress that doesn’t match with the sender.)

If you are looking for postcards - sometimes people give away loads for free. I came to postcrossing because I had placed an ad in “ebay Kleinanzeigen” under give away - exchange postcards for chocolate. There you could also post a free ad, announcing you’re looking for postcards. maybe people will get in touch who are happy to get rid of old collections.

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Thank you,
I will take a look for some sets that have multiple themes in.

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Thats good that you got a nice message back. I came to postcrossing because I liked the idea of sending and getting cards from all over the world. I appreciate anything that anyone spends time to send me. How lovely of them. I dont want to demand anything because for me the purpose is to learn about people and places I may never get to see. The card they pick is a piece of them. I want to make someone happy when they get my card so always try to make it appropriate. It may be easier after lockdown when I can go hunting for some.

I got some from Facebook however it seems all the free ones are a little far away from me. Typical. I just want to find a good set that has variety.
Thank you for all your replies.

I hear you. I joined to send postcards I have around the house. I also have postcards of my locale.I am not really going out of my way to search out the perfect card. When I first read that people actually have a wishlist, I was disappointed since my cards are far from their wish. But I feel the message is far more appreciative than a picture or stamps, I hope).

So far I’ve only sent a few dozen. I feel really good writing a kind message and hope they find my cards interesting. In return, most of the cards say kind thoughts.
Just send your card and write what you feel in those few minutes.

One way I’ve received lovely cards from others that are blank is participating in tags lol. I know it’s a little silly but it has helped my stock out quite a bit