Two Accounts, Same Address?

This is technically my child’s account (although I’ve participated in some forum games as myself). I started it to help with her handwriting.

I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do!

I would like to send official cards from me as well. I wouldn’t participate in the forum games with it because that would be pretty unfair.

Is it allowed to have a second account with the same address? If yes, what is the best way to set up my profile to make it clear that it is actually two different people?


I think so, yes, as long as it’s for two different people. For example roommates or a husband and wife sometimes have separate accounts.

Since this one is for your daughter, I think you could just open a new account for yourself with a different user name, without breaking any rules :slightly_smiling_face:


There’s nothing wrong with you participating in the Forum as yourself once you set up your own account - your daughter’s account is a separate account. It’s all fine!


My daughter and I each have our own accounts. She runs her account on her own; does tags; and sends her own postcards. I’ve ran into several people who share the same address but have separate accounts. I think it’s acceptable. :slight_smile:


My daughter and I have separate accounts at the same mailing address with no issues! We have separate email addresses associated with them (her email is maintained by me and only used for Postcrossing purposes.) Once a person drew her and me to send cards to on the same day and they didn’t mention anything about it - just sent 2 cards…one to her and one to me like any other Postcrossing experience :blush:


Thanks all!

I think I will make this my account and create a new one for her. That might be pretty awkward for a little while but better in the long term. This is my usual username everywhere and I don’t want to re-establish myself on the forum. I don’t let her use the forum yet but when she’s older, she can and then it can be just hers.

Thanks all! :slight_smile:


Postcrossing does not welcome multiple accounts PER PERSON, but you and your daughter are two different persons, so - like others already wrote - there should not be a problem.


My husband and I each have our own accounts. It’s absolutely fine to do this.


Before PostCrossing transitioned from the old platform to the current one, I had two separate accounts (& different names). One was for Official PostCrossing; the other was strictly for Forum things. With the new arrangement, I closed the Forum account.

Oh wow! That sounds like an interesting maths problem to me! Wonder what the odds of that happening are?


Too crazy not to share. Today I received two postcards with the same handwriting, but different ID’s. And also signed with different names. Well, the first one was from a human being, the second one was written in the name of said human being’s cat.

Am I the only one who finds it stupid to open an account for a pet just so you can write/receive more cards?


Yes. Getting cards from such pet or plantaccounts or writing to them has always been very funny for me.

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This has been discussed quite a bit already but as long as the account holder sends cards to the address given by Postcrossing and registers cards that are received, then no rules are broken. There are many different kinds of accounts: retired seniors, working adults, college students, teens, young children, school classrooms, libraries, pets. If they follow the rules then they have equal validity.


It’s silly to me, but some members are really into it. Were the ID numbers consecutive, or close to it?
I find it strange and somewhat annoying when a member has multiple profiles and then draws all their names for both profiles at the same time, of course that increases the chance they could draw the same card recipient twice!
There was another forum post where this was discussed recently. If I can locate it, I’ll share the link and/or tag you.

Here’s the other forum thread: