TV-Report about the Subject: Postcards (in German)

[German Abstract: Neue Wochenserie bei ‘Buten un binnen’ (RB TV)]

Hello my fellows,
this information is primarely for german-speeking people:
The News programme “Buten + Binnen” from TV-Station Radio Bremen ( are planning to report about the Subject POSTCARDS this week.

Everyday in this week from Monday 18th to Saturday 23rd of January within the time of 19.30 to 20.00 (CET) will be a short contribution within the news-Programme.
You can watch it live via Satellite or web (
or in the Region of Bremen via DVB-T2.
Delayed watching from the website will also be possible for longer time.
I hope this is interesting to many Postcrosser


I know this was already posted on the German section, but I’ve added it here as well as inspiration for other people who might be thinking about spreading the word about Postcrossing! :slight_smile:


Update: There was a nice report, (appr. 3minutes) about a German postcrosser in the German TV(ARD Buffet)

And I was not able to learn his nickname, just that he is called Manfred and he has send about 6.000 cards so far.

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YAY! This is the same video that was shared some weeks ago in WDR, I think (which is no longer available online). It’s a great piece though, so I’m happy to see it being shown in other TV channels as well!