Tuvalu stamps [Closed]

Hi friends :slight_smile:

I have these unused stamps from Tuvalu:

I don’t collect stamps so I really have no use for them. I’m happy to send them for free to someone who would like them, but to reduce the postage cost I’m just offering them domestically (ie. to postcrossers in Australia).

Just let me know if you’d like them!

Edit: thank you, they have been claimed.


By curiosity, how did you get these stamps?

Sort of by accident, really. I order Australian stamps online at below face value; they’re all bulk lots of random stamps from 10-20 years ago.

These came in one such order today: a load of Australian stamps and this one strip of Tuvalu stamps, either by accident or as a little bonus.

Oh, that’s a nice surprise I guess! Maybe you can keep them in case you visit Tuvalu :blush:

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PM sent

I would keep them and send to someone who collect stamps- from any country.