Turkish Students (10-11 y.o.) are looking for penpals

Hello !

I am Türkü and writing you from Turkey. I am a teacher and they are 10-11 years old. I would like to start a project for them. Would you be interested with your son?

Thank you in advance


Hi, I have 2 duaghters (7 and 9 y.o.). Tell me about your project and I will ask if they want to participate.
Thank you very much!


I am a teacher and my students want to have penpals (Letter Friends). They are 9-10 years old. If your children are interested in, they can write to each other :slight_smile:

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and thank you very much for your response :sunflower:


Hi, my eldest daughter does not know english very well, so she decided not to try. But thank you for your attempt :slight_smile:

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Hello, maybe i can. Where to write?

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Hello! Thank you :

Waldorf Yaşam Okulları

Oba mahallesi
Karakocalı mevkii
Yaşam caddesi
07400 Alanya /Antalya


We sent you 3 postcards last week from Alberta, Canada!

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Great! Thank you so much :cherry_blossom:

Hello dear Claudia,

We recieved your cards. And the children want to send answers. Could you give me your adress? :blush::cherry_blossom: