Trying to find out username?

I have received a nice card today and would like to thank the sender, unfortunately I failed to write their username down, this was not an official card but a direct swap.
I’ve worked out that the card could have been sent to me from [name]

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who’s Italian but what’s thrown me is that on the card is written that it’s an official San Marino postcard complete with San Marino postage stamp.
It’s a shame that it’s NOT an official “Official” card as this would be a new country for me.

Does anyone know Federico’s username if so please tag him to this post thank you.

Is it not just @FedericoBiordi x

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Thank you @EmmaG :pray:

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You made a swap with the user that @EmmaG mentioned.

To find out with whom you swapped you can always look to your activity

I’m closing here now, because the user has been found.

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Ive just sent him a message thanks emma :heart: