Trying to determine origin of this card received Dec 30, 2023

Hello everyone!

I’m certain there’s a better place for me to ask this, however, I’m unable to locate the correct thread (so if someone can move this into a better spot, I’d greatly appreciate it!)

We received a card in the mail (in an envelope) on December 30, 2023.

Envelope details: Postcrossing Bulgaria envelope with a lion.

Return address is to xxxx (removed by moderator - please don’t make addresses or part of them public without permission)

Card details:
Front - Kazanlak The Treasures of Seuthes III

Back - Written words,
text removed by moderator because it isn’t allowed to make public what is written on the back of a card

We did inquire with Postcrossing re: a potential ID, but they informed us that we’re not currently expecting a card from this user, and suggested it must be someone that we traded with, or a BINGO, or something from the Forum. We’re not religious at all, so we’re confused where this card came from. Any help or advice is incredibly appreciated, since I feel terrible not thanking the sender (edited by moderator)

Thanks in advance!

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What about this? You involved in

Wait, I believe this is the one. Thread opened by Katya from Bulgaria


@yudi - You’re my hero, thank you!


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