Tristan de Cunha

Has any ever received a postcard from Tristan de Cunha? I know they have a post office.


I have ordered postcards from the post office there :smiley: There was a very friendly postlady. The order needed about 3 months to travel from Tristan da Cunha to Germany - and I needed the same time once more to get my package from the German customs and post office :rofl:


could you show me where you order it? in the local post office or online?
if you order it online, would you mind to share the link?

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I ordered online, the post office has an online store :smiley: and further to the post office :postbox:


I just placed an order, they say it could take 2 - 6 months, I am looking
forward to getting my order.

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I also ordered both postcards & stamps from the Tristan Post Office & they said it would take 2-6 months to reach me in the U.S.

I’m also looking forward to it, especially as I’m going to do something tremendously dumb afterwards & remail the postcards to people back via Tristan!

I figure it might take 12-18 months for people to finally receive their postcards after I send them… lol.


That will be an excellent idea @cassius1213. I have ordered stamps from TdC a few times and another order is on the way.