Trip Report Cocos Keeling Island

Welcome to my Trip Report on Cocos Keeling Island! It is so beautiful and quiet here.

Cocos Keeling Island has two small post offices. One on Home Island and one on West Island. Today I visited the post office on West Island.

Post is leaving the Island twice with the flights on Tuesday and Friday to Perth.

Postcard prices are 2 AUD.

Post stamp for International postcards is 3 AUD. All 3 AUD stamps are sold out. So I will use a mix of Cocos Keeling Island stamp of 2.40 AUD and Christmas Island stamp of 0.65 AUD.

Travelmode is not working on the Island, because they are using Australian IP addresses here. Hope that the Postcrossing team is helping me here, so that I can send some postcards with the CC codes.

I will see if I can send some postcards for swap. Please send me a personal note and I will see what I can do. Please note that Russia and Belarus cannot be send to (same rules than the Australian Post).

Happy Postcrossing!


When I click on your name, it comes up listed as Cocos Keeling Island. So I think your Travel Mode is now working. Safe travels to you!


Welcome to the forums. I’m sure the Postcrossing team will help out. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that you pull my profile once they do. :grinning:


Thanks for the trip report! I hope you are able to send some cards while in Travel Mode. I was hoping to visit Cocos and Christmas Islands while on a business trip to Australia, but it doesn’t look like that will happen now.

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I’m heading there soon so appreciate your tips, thank you!

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Wow, I love to read about exotic places and the cards look heavenly!

I am almost enticed to open my profile (which is closed at the moment), to get a chance for you to draw my addy, but I have more received cards, than sent ones, so that is not likely to happen anyway.

Have a great time in what seems like paradise! :smiley: :tropical_fish: :shell: :coral: :butterfly: :cherry_blossom: :blossom: :seedling: :palm_tree: :herb: :leaves: :desert_island: :milky_way: :ocean:

Awwwww! :star_struck: Such a special place! Amazing cards ! Thank you very much for sharing the photos! Would be fantastic to receive card from there :heart_eyes: Have a great vacation and if you will have desire to make happy more people with your fantastic cards , I’m here for swap :raising_hand_woman::love_letter:

Thank you so much to Ana and the Postcrossing Team who helped me to send some cards. The postcard CC-1 will go to the Netherlands. Hopefully it will arrive …