Travelling 61 days but not expired

I have a card to Russia that has been travelling for 61 days but it is not shown as expired and I haven’t got a new slot to send another card.

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This is true and is a known issue, although they don’t actually reach 61 days.

We expire all postcards that have travelled over 60 days, but we do that only once a day, at around midnight in the UTC timezone — not when they travel exactly 60 days. This means postcards may travel more than 60 days, up to almost 61, but not actually 61 days. The 61 days sometimes shown is due to rounding the values, e.g, a postcard traveling 60 days and 15 hours shows as 61 days.

We hope to address this in the future, but expiring them at (or very close) to the 60 days has some implications for us since when postcards expire several other things need to be taken care of and right now it’s much simpler to batch them all together.


Thanks for the update. Surprisingly I hadn’t seen this before. It happened around the time that "Hurray " emails weren’t coming through so I had been checking the website more often.
All resolved.
Keep up the good work!