Traveling to Spain— Advice for sending postcards?

I’ve never really left the US, so I have no clue how I would send a postcard back to the US. I figure most postal services are very similar to our own, and I would format the addresses as I would here with the addition of “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.” Does anyone know how much postage is for international postcards? And is there a way to buy stamps from the US in advance so that I don’t need to find a post office there? Anything else I should know. Thank you. :blush: please forgive my complete lack of knowledge.

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Every country’s postal costs are different. I have sent many postcards from different countries. It is pretty easy to find a Post Office to purchase stamps for International. Sometimes stores carry postage stamps.

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Hello! I understand that you are traveling to Spain and want to send postcards to the United States. It’s very simple. You can buy postage stamps at tobacconists “TABACOS”, where they sell cigarettes. There are so many! In the post offices too, of course, but the queues are usually long. The price of a postcard to your country from Spain is €2.10. I hope I have helped. A greeting and happy trip! By the way, which place in Spain are you going to visit?:wink:


I am also going to Spain in July. I will be in Granada, my favorite city in Spain. I don’t know if I will send many postcards though. $2.10 euro ($2.25 US) is EXPENSIVE for a stamp. I thought international stamps were expensive enough in the USA–here they are $1.30 US.

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The 2,10€ is only for a few countries (U.S.A, Canadá, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Russia).
A postcard to Europe costs 1,65€ and the rest of the world 1,75€.


I am headed to Madrid and Barcelona. :slight_smile: I will definitely pick some stamps up. Price doesn’t really bother me that much since I know I am spoiled with US prices most of the time. Thank you!

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I’ll be in Spain in August, so this is helpful!
But since many addresses are USA or Russia, it’ll be an expensive trip :joy:

Hi! I posted some postcards from Barcelona, but sadly, they never arrived. Apparently, I bought the wrong stamps in the stores I got the cards from. I saw a big yellow mailbox in the street and put the cards in, but it was a Correos mailbox and my stamps were from a different company (?).
Anyway, beware! Buy the stamps for Correos.

Have fun!