Traveling notebook - italia


I know I’m not supposed to write in English in here but my Italian is not good enough and this is the best place to find Italians on this website! :smiley:

I’m Sofia and I’m a 26y old Portuguese girl and…
The culture, the language, the people, the FOOOD!!!
I’ve been to a couple of cities and pretend to continue to explore Italy in the future.

I would love if you could join me in this notebook and share everything and anything that you want about your country!

You can write recipes, places I must visit, things about your culture, anything!
I’m learning Italian so feel free to write it in italian and I will have some fun trying to figure it out :smiley:

So…does anyone want to be part of it?

Thank you,
Sofia x


What a cute idea, sent you a PM :slight_smile:

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pm sent

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Lovely idea! Happy to tell you about Tuscany! And my favourite alcoholic beverages! :it:


Can i Write you too

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