Traveling Card to a Suspended Account

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Sorry if this has been asked before, but I wasn’t able to find an answer. What happens if one of my traveling cards is on the way to a suspended account? Will the person still be able to register the card when it arrives, or should I just plan on the card expiring?


I think someone official (@meiadeleite?) can help you for sure, but while both of your options are possible, there is also a third one.
Sometimes accounts are suspended because the address is wrong or cards don’t arrive there. In that case, the postcrossing team will register all traveling cards after some statement from the postcrosser.


Hello @pmunz,

You can send a message by this site :

The card can also be registered by the Postcrossing Team: PC team
You will receive a message with an explanation in your mailbox .


How does one know that the recipient’s account is suspendend?

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You will see a yellow banner saying “This account is currently suspended” when trying to access their user page.

It looks like this:

N.B.: The depicted account is terminated afterwards.

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Ah, I have never encountered this so far. Thanks for the information!

Once a card I sent was registered by the Postcrossing team because the account had been deleted - I received a Hurray message explaining it to me. I think it may happen the same if the account is suspended (?)


As long as the account is suspended nothing happens with your postcard. It just travels on digitally.
If the account in question is subsequently closed, your postcard will be registered automatically as described by angelicca.
If not, the account will be reopened and the recipient can register your postcard once he’s received it.


On two occasions, accounts were closed; but PostCrossing registered the cards that were in transit to those members

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And now I have traveling card to a suspended account. I hope the account will be deleted soon and my card is automatically registered.
This is ghostcrosser account whose last seen is 4 months ago

What did happen after all?
Was the card registered by the user while he was still suspended?

Today I checked on a traveling card that’s close to expiring and found out, that the recipient’s account is currently suspended.

I came here for finding out if the user can still login and register their received cards - but didn’t find any answer here :frowning:

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It’s been a few months, but if I remember correctly postcrossing unsuspended the account and the recipient registered my postcard

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Thanks for replying!
The card I sent was automatically registered by the system now, as the account was closed.

I have started to check the accounts of recipients. F.ex. not to send the same postcard they already have. And during July, August and September I have got several addresses belonging to recipients that have not been active for several years. It seem a bit stupid to send a postcard, when I know that no-one is going to register.

The good thing is, you don’t know it :slight_smile:
It’s not possible to get an address to a person who has not been active for years.
It can be that they had a pause, and now came back, and it is as likely to get it registered as any other card :+1:

Here is more talk about this type of situation (expired cards to people who have not been online):


If person’s address is given then they are due a card(s). Then they have been active past 30 days. Like @S_Tuulia said they may have taken break, have had their account inactive out of various reasons (f.ex. lack of regular address or post box) etc.

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every now and then i take a look at the last login of the members to whom i sent my official postcards and these days i found that one of my expired postcard is to a recently suspended postcrosser, i’ve never seen this thing before.
i don’t want to know the reasons why this member has been suspended but i would like to know what happens to my expired postcard: will it be automatically registered after some time? will it follow the usual iter for any other expired postcard?
i don’t know if this is the right place for my question :thinking:
thank you :smile: