Travel times to Indonesia from US

Hi, what are your guy’s postcard travel times to Indonesia from the US? Mine has been traveling for about a month. I figure it’ll take a while, but i was curious about your experiences? Thanks!

My cards from Canada have taken anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. Int’l mail routes have changed alot since the pandemic began & it seems to depend when you send it as to whether is catches a faster mail flight or not.

No idea what the pattern is, but mail seems to get held more, waiting for flights & then cards show up in bunches now I find particularly with cards from Japan, Taiwan, China, India , Philippines & Indonesia. And I assume the same is true for cards getting to those countries.

What I wouldn’t give to spend a few hours quizzing folks who know these int’l mail systems well!

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Indonesia is 30 - 60 days. One of the longer trips, but a month is a minimum.


The average time from Japan to Indonesia is 41 days for me - but that’s only 2 cards sent so far.