Trade forum

I’ve noticed the trade forum is a bit messy lately with lots of 1 card offers that get filled then closed. Maybe users could combine their offers instead of doing multiple single offers. Is there a trade forum moderator? Can they tidy up the list of these 1 off closed listings?


You are totally right. It’s kind of messy.

No, there isn’t any so far.


Why would that be a problem? Many members prefer to trade single cards, written and stamped. My offers are 100% 2-4 cards in an envelope; I decline single card trades. But that is me.

For many years, the Head Forum Administrator (Mundoo) oversaw the Forum. But she kept an eye out for cheats and crooks. Even so, the Forum is largely not monitored.


The problem, as I understand it, is that one postcrosser wants to trade multiple single cards and offers a thread for each card instead of offering multiple single trades in one thread. That could be more compacted to leave less of a mess.


@sannah82 …okay yes, I can see your point about it being messy. A possible solution is to have an album or scans of the different cards offered. Just a thought…


I don’t really see the problem in reviewing the thread for the last 3-4 weeks.

Yes, a very few people have multiple offers but combining them with other offers, it would be pretty hard to keep track off in terms of who wants what.

Not sure it needs fixing unless you want to restrict how often people can post in one day & that would be a huge hassle.


I think it may be new folks who are unfamiliar with making an album and offering them all at once. Single trades are fine, but once the arrangement is done and closed then the listing could be archived. Would just tidy things up a bit, pulling current offers more to the top and make them easier to see with a bit less clutter.

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