Total distance travelled by your sent postcards

Sorry if i’ve totally missed this somewhere else but is there any way of finding out the total distance your cards have travelled without having to physically add each one together. I know that it tells you where you are ranked it terms of distance travelled by country, but it was just out of interest how far my personal cards have gone. :earth_africa:

Thank you in advance.

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That’s actually a very good question. I did a quick check and I can’t find it anywhere. :confused:
I would be interested too.
Maybe it can be added to the stats page?

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When you hover the cursor over the number of sent postcards on the main site, the pop-up text shows the total distance - is this it?


Yes holding the cursor over the number of your sent postcards will show the total distance. I also discovered a while ago that if you do that on your profile page, it also shows you how many laps around the world it is! :grin:


I was amazed to see that little hidden info, so I rushed to see how many laps my cards have gone and… Did you know about the motivational message it shows when you hold the cursor over the traveling cards bar?


Thank you all :blush: Maybe because I use Postcrossing on my phone I can’t see it but I will check next time I’m on the computer. :+1:

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Oh! Great! I didn’t know about any of these. I wonder what other secrets does the website holds. :smile:


My message on my travelling cards bar (I’ve used all my slots) says: "Patience grasshopper, good things come to those who wait. " LOL


Thats a top tip!

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I have 8 out of 27 cards traveling and don’t get any mouse over message :frowning:

:confused: I think mine says keep up the good work or something like that.

Did you mouse over the progress bar? I tried the numbers originally and didn’t get anything. With the mouse over the progress bar it said along the lines of “You’ve sent 17% of your available postcards, good job!”

Same here:


5,006,456 km! :smiley:

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