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I don’t think so


Oh, you never know - I can image someone would want them - look at all the interest in the thread you started here for pictures of postal trucks/vehicles Mail systems and vehicles around the world, but just to flag - you might have trouble getting these printed as they are using copyrighted images eh?

I love mail trucks! And if that’s a pale pink background, I really like that too. I think the font selection and graphic arrangement could be improved.

I like the idea! Because different countries have different colored postboxes as well and it is interesting to see what a foreign country has.

No, I would not buy them. I do not like the design. It looks cheap to me, especially the USA one. Like something a child would draw in MS Paint. The Germany one is a bit better, but still not my stile. Maybe try adding shades/shadows? Plus if I were to buy them I’d only buy the Germany one because it doesn’t make any sense to me to send a picture of a postal truck of another country.

@ninag Don’t let the haters discourage you.

Here are some tips.

You could draw them yourself and they would be your images. I don’t know if the images are copyright.

Maybe do a little more research and more variety on these postal trucks or vehicles. Example: Spain has mail vans but also Vespas

Maybe refine the edges.

Also, whats going to go on the others side off tge card? Information about the trucks or ?

Maybe sell as a set.

Wish you good luck.

P.S. To all the haters: You know this girl is only 13 years old.

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I actually really like the idea for this don’t give up

I don‘t see any haters here. Maybe you should think about your choice of words.

Legally might be an issue - it’s good you drew the vans yourself but logos are probably trademarked/copyrighted whether drawn or copied.

That being said, there are people interested in these themes, I think a full compilation of different vans and have them on one card only might be pretty cute and educational.

As this topic closed while typing; please don’t be discouraged that it isn’t working now, keep drawing and improving, hobbies don’t need to be monetized to make them worth practicing.