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I have just discovered a new keyword:


I love statistics and I like to have different ways to view them.
Here I can see which topic had the most or least views or answers and to which topic was answered lastly.

Thanks for that :smile: :blue_heart:


What excatly is the difference between ‘latest’ and ‘top’?
Do ‘top’ also count views only, while ‘latest’ only counts the anwers?

Happy that you like it! :slight_smile: It’s been there from the beginning though (yesterday we only added Bookmarks). Don’t ask us how exactly is the TOP calculated though — all we know is that it’s a formula involving number of replies, views and likes. The exact details are more tricky to understand.

As a curiosity, there’s in fact other possible views too. Besides the Categories, Latest, New, Unread, Top and Bookmarks, there’s also: Read and Posted (+Agenda and Calendar which is from a plugin). But we don’t want to overwhelm the navigation even more; the bookmarks seemed useful for the patterns of navigation many use on the forum.

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“Latest” shows the “all time statistic” while “Top” shows the statistic of a certain period, that you can choose.

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Thanks, on mobile devices the selector for time period never catches my eye. Now I found it. :slight_smile:

I love the Top option!

I’d love to see the ability to sort by least recent to most recent.

By definition, the Top list is sorted by some “secret-sauce” score, starting from the highest score (the most “Top” topic), to the least. Hence, sorting that list by some other factor (like date) would no longer be a Top list! :slight_smile:

You can however select a time window for the Top which can be useful:

That said, perhaps you didn’t meant it in the context of Top and you’d like to have a “Oldest” instead of the “Latest”? :thinking:



No Oldest view I’m afraid. I’m guessing that wouldn’t be useful for most as it would just list every single topic chronologically — and there’s a ton of them to show.

You can however sort of simulate that by using a custom search — just select some narrow enough period long ago and you can even filter out the ones you have already read. You can also sort the results by some criteria that may help (but not Oldest I’m afraid).


Thank you for the suggestion! I will definitely give that a try.