Top Postcard Wish - Let's share your dream card :D

Hi Postcrossers!

I noticed that many of us have created a spectacular Favorites Wall, as well as other delightful albums. Those collections are pleasing to the eyes. Here’s a question I’m deeply interested in: Is there any great card capturing your heart?

It could be a specific picture, or just your imagination, like a castle in rainbow colors, a lighthouse built with books, a war between different flavors of ice cream… I’m really curious about the card of your dreams.

My biggest wish used to be to receive CH-22408 because I love The Little Polar Bear. I feel fortunate to meet this cute card in a small philately store in Vienna :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

New top 3 wishes:

Looking forward to see yours!


My dream card would have on the writing side large, beautiful stamps and my name spelled correctly. The handwriting would be tiny and the message would be long, perhaps sharing an interesting anecdote to do with the sender.

The picture side wouldn’t make much difference. Maybe a cute animal or an old photo?


I love cartoon postcards and my favourite movie is Coco and Moana so I’d love some themed postcards from these movies. That would be a wish come true, or any Disney and Pixar postcard since I love them. Something special I haven’t seen so far is board game themed postcards so if I ever receive such a thing it’ll be my tip favourite. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I dream to receive the card shown Norwegian cities or norwegian mythical creatures. Norway is my favorite country, but I haven’t got any cards from it.

I love cards which had a nice message on the back, something quite long. It would work great with one of my dream stamps/cards.

My dream cards/stamps are both from the game of thrones royal mail set.

To receive Jaime Lannister or Sansa Stark would be amazing. Either the stamp or the card individually with a nice message would be incredible.


But the whole set is amazing, and I love them all. Haven’t received any of them as of yet. Here’s hoping :slight_smile:


My new most wished for postcard is anything with this incredible lawnmower stamp :joy:


I love both sides of the postcards I receive. Hard to say which more exciting for me, a lovely picture or a quite long text. The later seems to appear more often in letters from my pen pal. Many PCers just write me a few words, briefly introduce their hometown, hobbies or something else. I still enjoy reading that. Comparatively speaking, I think handwriting not very important, but I also appreciate those neat ones.

I’ve seen some creative cards about reading recently. They look interesting and fantastic!

Thank you for bringing that thread to my attention, I had missed it. I agree a wonderfullly odd stamp.

My dream card is one that I am not expecting and that will make my burst out laughing, or fill my heart with joy.

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I also love little polar bear! :slight_smile: I love the maxi card, and I actually have a couple of the reading little polar bear cards (I also love that one a lot).

These are some of my dream cards (it’s very hard to choose :slight_smile: )


I know that my dream would be to receive a card with Edward Gorey’s illustration. I mean what are the odds!

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I know that my dream would be to receive a card with Edward Gorey’s illustration. I mean what are the odds!

I have cards of Edward Gorey illustrations!

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I would love to receive a card with Scottish stamps on it.

I would also really love to receive an official card from Sweden. lol I’ve been on this site nearly 9 years and still have not received an official from Sweden.

I’s also really love to receive a card from Mexico, a middle African country, and Antarctica.

Once I did receive a card from San Marino. I didn’t even know it was a country! Someone was on vacation and in travel mode and sent it to me!

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My dream cards are beautiful landscapes, and luckily there are a lot of them, so my dream cards now are from very rare countries…
The message on the back is nice, but I have my lovely postcard penpals for those.
So, a card from Mali or Micronesia, or Kazakhstan or somewhere rare (for me) showing the landscape or cityscape excites me! :grinning:

I mean the chances of someone drawing my address and actually liking the same illustrator are not very big. Life rarely works this way. It would take years of postcrossing, I think.

That said, I would like a card from Antarctica too. :heart_eyes:

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Here’s hoping I draw your address then!

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I thought Edward Gorey was actually pretty popular among people in general. I can easily find his art in any of my local bookstores. Among Postcrossers, though, maybe not so much. Perhaps he’s not as well known outside of the US. I’ve never gotten a profile that listed him in their wishlists or mentioned him in any other way.

I saw him on wishlists of at least two profiles of people doing tags and was very happy :blush: People who like Tim Burton films usually know about him too. So there’s hope. We’ll see.:blush:
I actually like coming across very particular wishes, one author, one book, an artist. I used to have Barbara Pym on my wishlist but then I decided the chances to get Barbara Pym-ish card are too slim, no need being too fancy and deleted it.

I agree entirely! It’ll be a wonderful surprise to me, when a PCer likes the same artist or writer as me. Then I’d really love to share why I enjoy his or her works, unless that PCer has mentioned preference for reading something else.

There’s a long list of artists in my profile, including Inge Löök, Quint Buchholz, Seizo Watase, Susan Wheeler, Tatsuya Tanaka, … 10+ names now! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I listed these people as recommendations, not just to suggest sending me what kind of postcards. I’m willing to believe that someone might fall in love with their works after a search. :heart:


At the moment I think my dream postcard would be a covid related one with the Austrian covid toilet paper stamp on it.

Otherwise every card with a Robin on it makes my heart sing, even though I’ve got quite a few now :smiley:

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