Told this at US PO re odd cent stamps

When I went to the post office yesterday (Aug. 4) to pick up odd denomination stamps (1, 2, 3, etc. cents) they were low on stock & the clerk told me that these odd cent stamps are going to be phased out because there will only be forever stamps and so no need to add additional postage when the rates go up! Like most of you, I use the odd denominations for fun & collecting on my cards. Now this is just one person telling me this info - so it’s basically a rumor. But what do you think? Should the USPS cater to stamp lovers & Postcrossers & the like? Will they really get rid of all the fun extra stamps?

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I think that with the new Postmaster General, everything is possible for the sake of economy …

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Sounds like one guy’s opinion. Many of these postal employees are clueless. One time I sealed a Flat-Rate Priority mail envelope with tape. The clerk said that wasn’t permissible. I copied the information was the USPS web site saying it was. They love to make up stuff…

P.S. I came into possession of a huge hoard of older 1c 2c 3c and 4c Commemoratives (unused). If you want to swap …stamps for postcards…let me know.


thank you, yeah, I’m sure there are many opinions, rumors etc. as with any organization - it’s hard to believe they’d really completely eliminate those denominations. I’d be interested in a swap, but as a new PCer, not sure I’d have cards you’d be interested in. But I’ll check out your wall & see if we might come to an arrangement! :slightly_smiling_face:

Although it is possible, I would bet it most unlikely, as the Philately community would be upset. Also, just as now, the Forever stamp does not allow for the additional ounce or other weight charges. They might eliminate some of 1, 2 or 3 cent varieties, but they still have to maintain a certain level in order to adjust to the additional ounce.

You are probably correct – I think there would be a protest about that. One reason it could be true is the overall cutbacks in the PO. But making stamps can’t be the big factor in the revenue problems

Hand canceling also adds to the forever stamp cost. I think it’s 20 cents. Doing away with 1, 2, 3, and 4s means all up charges would be in 5 cent increments. It’s analogous to doing away with the penny.

We have something similar here in the UK
This my perspective.

Before our last stamp price rise, I noticed that people in post office lines and those giving a quick once over of letters before bunging in the post box, would have used domestic 1st class stamps to send international mail instead of purchasing the appropriate international postage stamp or label

As there was discrepancy between the domestic and international rates, people would have overpaid or underpaid items.
When I first started there was a difference of 7 pence more between using two 1st class stamps as opposed to a single international stamp as it was more convenient.

Now two 1st class stamps equal the international letter rate for 20g and three 1st class stamps the same as the international letter rate for upto 100g.

I think this was done as a more convenience to the customer as 1st class stamps can be purchased anywhere in the UK, saving purchasing make-up stamps.

But also reduces the amount of different stamps that needs to be produced.

Maybe the US will do something similar where two or three Forever US stamps will equal the Forever Global rate at some stage, avoiding the need for make up stamps.


That’s interesting, thanks for the info – I think what you say about forever stamps is probably right (altho we do have several versions now) - but that would still be less fun/interesting than various denominations

You can order them from the website. I just got more 2 cent Navajo necklace ones and 5 cent grapes

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thanks, I’ll give that a try – at least I can stock up, in case!

I bought 1,2,3,5, and 10 cent stamps from today, about 60 of each, while I was stocking up on forever stamps in preparation of the price change so I would definitely go there. They also sell them in coils of 3,000 and 10,000 if you’re really enthusiastic about them.

thank you - well, not sure I need mass quantities! But it is nice to have a variety on hand to add a little something extra to a card - maybe someone makes a request or it goes with the theme - that’s basically how I use them. Just kind of curious too, as to whether they could be phased out.

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It would certainly be a shame if they were phased out, but as others have said, the new Postmaster Gen. doesn’t seem to be sentimental about these things.

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But if they do away with the small-value definitives, how will we be able to make international postage rates with domestic Forever stamps? I’m not a fan of using Global Forever on international mail — too boring.

I will be so glad when they can dislodge DeJoy from the Post Office.

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I suppose one could get a meter or an online service to print custom stamps though I suspect the subscription cost would be more than the postage unless you always do mass mailings. Also the USPS kiosks no longer offer custom denominations. You are locked into just the basic units, like Forever, extra ounce, Global, etc. This last one does make me wonder if there is some truth to the OP’s rumor about elimination of small denominations.

As for DeBris, uh, DeJoy, get ready for new slower service this fall. The Board of Governors has given his plan the green light (so far). It could take first class mail up to five days to get within the 48 lower states. I shudder to think about Alaska and Hawaii. And new higher prices on August 29th.

My post office told me the same thing. The post office in the next town over is out of 1 and 2 cent stamps and will not be getting in any more.