To which countries is it undesirable to send postcards by land?

To which countries is it undesirable to send postcards by land? Maybe someone knows.

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Though I don’t understand your question.

You can check the Postal Monitor in order to see where you can send cards to.

Well, obviously there are some countries that you CANNOT send anyhting to “by land”… Guess what you mean is “not by air-mail”… And that’s possible - and OK, in my opinion - to anywhere. Just takes some time… but then, we’re all passionate SNAIL-mailers. And postcards to and from Russia often take a lot of time anyway.
For some time during the pandemic, Polish Post :poland: sent mail to Australia :australia: BY SEA only. during that time, I sent two postcards to Australia, and both got registered after about 150 days. So that’s how long it takes for mail to reach the other end of the world without flying :wink:


That’s not even an option to choose in Finland. There’s no airmail or landmail here, I just presume all mail leaves the country by airmail, I don’t really know. And even less I know how the mail arrives to Finland :grin:

That’s not an option for PR either. It’s by boat or airplane. Hopefully airplane or your postcard would surely expire.

There is no choice between land and air in Czech Republic either. Everything should be by plane as far as I know. There is an option to pay “within Europe” postage for postcards to outside of Europe, which should be delivered as 2nd class by land. But I was told at a post office that it doesn’t matter and everything is shipped by plane anyway. I didn’t notice any difference in travel time so it is probably true.

I didn’t even know this was an option – as to send to most countries things would have to go by air or I guess ship at some point as many countries are not connected to each other.