Tips for stationery and postcard shops in Taipei

Hi friends! I’m planning to visit Taipei at some point next year, and would love to know where the locals get their cute postcards and other stationery goodies. What are your favorite shops in the city?

Please leave me some recommendations that I can check out! :heart_eyes: 謝謝大家!


Following this topic for my future trips!

I personally enjoyed this shop the last time I went:


Note: I don’t remember postcards being sold here, because I went there before I got into Postcrossing. Great stationery shop though!


i get mine from tourist attractions or jsf, or 9x9 stationary. depending where you are 101 stationary paradise is good

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Could I ask where you get your stamps as well? Does any normal post office have a good selection, or do people go to specific ones?

I bought my stamps from the larger post office - the one at Taipei Rail Station.

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I recommend you a place in Taipei that I like pretty much:
大龍峒孔廟-which about Confucius and with beautiful historical temples. I did a History project about this place three years ago. I guess you can buy some postcards there if there’s any. And for postcards, I usually buy in Post Offices, you can visit 臺北北門郵局, it’s a super big and beautiful Post Office, also could find more postcards and stamps there.
Hope this will help you, welcome to Taiwan!

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(An early) Welcome to Taiwan!

There’s a postal museum in Taipei and I think it exhibits all stamps issued.
You can get stamps from a wider selection on the first floor there than in other post offices.
Or if the hotel you are staying would receive packages for you, you may also get stamps from this website, it usually takes two-three working days to receive your purchase:

As for stationery goodies, I really like these shops:
Tools to Liveby

Plain Stationery

Eslite Stationery Store(s)

I could recommend a few more places if you are planning to visit other cities.
Have a nice trip!

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Thank you so much, everyone! So many cool things here! :heart_eyes:

@pekoponjin if you have recommendations in other places, definitely let me know! I’m planning to travel around the island a little bit, but don’t yet know where to exactly. :slight_smile:

You can go to
1)Yarn Box針線盒文具選物店 to find some Taiwan designer postcards,stationery and they also has their own stationery brand called Yarnball針線球


2)Entry Time早初postcard coffee shop,their menu(each meal and drinking) are also a postcard that you can take your own as a gift. after you order them. They also sells some postcards they printed and design(other designer postcards,too), also helping you send it right now or the time you choose.


Here are some cute shops in Taichung:

  1. 有筆x鋼筆工作室
    address: 台中市西區長春街14號
    They sell lots of stationery and postcards so be a bit careful moving around.
    Also you may try as many fountain pens there as you like.
  2. 茶筆巷文具生活空間 (TPL-Stationery)
    address: 台中市西區昇平街89號
    It has an orange cat manager haha.
    There’s a cafe at the back and sometimes an exhibition on the second floor.
  3. KerKerland
    address: 台中市西區民生路368巷4弄16號
    It mainly sells postcards and locates in Shen Ji New Village.
    The building used to be a dorm for government employees but is a great place to take a walk now.
  4. 實心裡 生活什物店
    address: 台中市南屯區大容東街10巷12號
    實心裡 生活什物店
    It’s a shop of a design studio, mainly sells notebooks and other homeware.
    I really like their display and there’s always something cute to look at.

I would also recommend visiting 愛治文具房 (Aiya Bungu) in Changhua.
address: 彰化縣彰化市長安街76巷7-2號

The owner is an illustrator and designer, and the shop is named after her grandmother.
It offers a wide variety of postcards and stickers.

Hope this would lure you into visiting central Taiwan!

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How about 誠品? It’s one of typical and noted Taiwanese brands, and it’s always easy to visit.

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