Tips For Someone New To Special Holiday Postmark In Indiana, USA

Hello everyone! I’m planning on sending my holiday cards to Santa Claus, Indiana. Has anyone else done this before? It’s my first time. Any tips? What do you send your cards in? I was planning on going to my local post office in a few days and putting them in one of those big envelopes and sending them on over. Just wanted to make sure I do it correctly and nothing gets lost. Thanks! Happy holidays!!


I did that last year, only it was to North Pole, Alaska. Some of the cards must have missed their deadline because they received only the ordinary postmark, not the cool commemorative one.

My advice would be to check the website for this event, and follow the directions carefully. I put my cards in one envelope, as directed, so I’m not sure why some got the postmark and some didn’t.


@aerobear: The website for Santa Claus, Indiana specifies a maximum of 50 cancellations per customer per day. Maybe North Pole, Alaska has a limit as well, and you exceeded it?

Thanks for the information and link! That reminded me that we have similar special Christmas cancellations in Germany that I should use…

Shouldn’t you be able to receive this if you send them a Santa letter as well?

I have done the pictoral postmarks, but only one ever told me that they recieved it but no one sent a picture. However it took a while for them to get it.

I even did first day of issue postmarks but those took a long time too but again no pictures.

Wow I didn’t know this existed! I know what I’m doing next year for sure :flushed: