Tiny address labels

Hi everyone! I was wondering if anybody has some advice on where to get small return address labels. The only ones I can find online are too big for a postcard. Thanks in advance for your advice!


I got mine from:


From the invoice:

“160 Personalized Self Adhesive Quality Printed Small Return Address Labels 1/2” x 1-3/4" " = $6.99 + tax, $0.00 shipping

Fast service, good quality.



I ordered from moo.com some postcards and stickers with my pictures, and ordered the smallest stickers to be with my address, they are 0.86" x 0.86" (StickerBook is the name of the product)


I ordered the blanks online, either from Amazon or an office store like Staples. But I had a difficult time getting the printer to cooperate with the file so it prints correctly. (They are about 3/4" " 1/2") I would rather buy them made on Etsy than keep fighting with the dimensions on my computer.
0.75 x 0.5 Rectangle Labels -… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0882Q67HY?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share


I ordered from Avery recently and had a good experience. Instead of going straight to the “Add to Cart” link, I went to “Let Us Print For You” and the process was pretty straight forward and convenient.


I do my address label myself on Canva and then print and cut them. I usually glue them with a glue stick or clear tape, depending what I have available at the moment


I order mine from Current. They have an option for roll of 250 or 500 personalized labels. You can order it with or without the dispenser. Personally, I ordered the dispenser once and have ordered the roll 500 labels as needed.

Current’s shipping can be expensive, so only order when you have a coupon, or when you’re ordering enough stuff to get free shipping. Current always has coupons for free or discounted shipping. Amazon has their products, too, but not their sale items.

Here’s the link:

Checks, Address Labels, Wrapping Paper & Greeting Cards | Current Catalog

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I’m in Canada. Because I donate to the War Amps (a registered charity that supports people with amputations, veterans and civilians alike), they send me small preprinted peel-and-stick return address labels as a thank-you. I actually have more than I can use! It’s a wonderful charity, and I really recommend them for people in Canada :slight_smile:


Similar to what doryfera from Canada said, in the US, if you donate to certain charities or belong to certain clubs, they seem to send lots of free address labels as a thank-you and in fund raising letters.

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I make them


500 Labels

The labels on sheets are 1-3/4" x 5/8".
I’ve been ordering from them for years.

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I was looking on moo and didnt see the .86 ones

the name is Sticker Book I think

Does anyone know of anywhere UK based that does the tinier ones for postcards xx