Time limit to mail the post card?

How long do we have to mail the postcard after we get a recipient? Today, I requested my first person to mail a post card to. After reading their info, I was thinking about what type of post card I want to send. Then I see where it says “traveling” sent 19/Nov/2020. How can that be since I did not click on anything that says I mailed the postcard? I wasn’t planning on mailing one till Saturday.


Hi, Julie! :wave:

Don’t worry about your postcard being marked as “sent” already–that’s just how it works:

“Postcrossing does not record the actual date of mailing. Instead, a postcard’s sent date reflects the date that the address was requested which usually coincides with the date the postcard was mailed, simplifying the Postcrossing process. Please note that a postcard must be received and registered for your Postcards Sent total to increase.”

As for how long you have to put the postcard in the mail physically, I don’t believe there is any hard rule (please, someone correct me if I am wrong). I send the majority of mine within 24 hours of requesting the address. Of course, if I request an address on a Saturday, I need to wait until Monday to mail it. Another exception is when I am hand-making a card; then I may take a few days to finish it, but I do try to mail it as quickly as possible so the recipient can enjoy it! :relaxed:


Thank you!

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It is correct that there is no rules but it is courtesy to not wait very long - a few days is understandable, but not a few months. The card can be registered by the recipient within a year - normally it takes a lot less, but in case it is very slow (and be warned, due to the pandemic, mail is slower than it has ever been!).

I usually only get addresses when I can write the cards straight away, then post them the next time I go out, which could be a couple of days later, or more if…ehm…I forget.


I usually mail my cards within 48 hours, unless I need to print the address, then it can take me as long as a week. Don’t worry about having take a few days to mail it :slight_smile:

Before pandemic I always mail my card 1 day after I drew the address.
During the pandemic I don’t always have time to go to Post Office but I still draw the address every time I have slot. I mail them when I have time to go to Post Office, usually every Saturday. My last card was mailed after 13 days traveling :blush: :blush:

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I sometimes took as long as a month before I mailed cards in the past, and some time ago I found a postcard I was supposed to send almost a year before! I quickly put it into the mail, as apparently I had forgotten the stamped and written card under a pile of paper… I didn’t expect it to arrive before dropping off the system after 1 year of travel time, but it arrived in time!

So really, don’t worry about that. As long as your card arrives within one year, everything is fine! :smiley:
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I usually put my cards in the letter box the day after I pulled the address, but sometimes it takes a few days before I go to the letter box or the Post Agency.
I never wait very long, for I remember how long I had to wait for my first cards to get.


I feel like I’m the opposite than most people in the thread :open_mouth: I only draw addresses when I have stamps, postcrads, time to write the message and when it’s less than 24 hours till mailbox collection so it can be on its way as soon as possible.
I just like them to arrive quickly and every expired postcard hurts my paper soul.

lol that was a risky game :smiley: Glad it did arrive before disappearing from the system :smiley:

Guess I just have a stone soul :speak_no_evil: :joy:

I honestly didn’t expect it to be registered in time, I still don’t know how I could lose the half-written card!

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I only write postcards if I am very sure that I can bring them to the post office that day. I like my postcards to be send out quick, so that they arrive quick and you receive as well.


I do that, too. Normally (before pandemic etc) I mailed my cards Mo-Fr as I passed a mailbox on my way to work. But I don’t mind mailing it 4 days later. I don’t leave the house just for a walk to the mailbox, I only combine it (grocery shopping, going for a walk etc… so I only take them with me when I know I’ll come past a mailbox)

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I used to draw addresses when I would be able to send them that day. In the US, with the luxury of home pickup, it was pretty easy to do. But now the post office is a significant walk away from my house, and I have to go when it’s open, so it can take a few days before I actually put my postcards in the mail.

I always mail the cards the same day as I draw them. Fortunately we have Sunday mail pick-ups, at 1:30 PM 200 m away and at 5 PM at the train station 1 km away.

I write officials over the weekend and have gotten into the habit of drawing the addresses on Saturday so that I have Saturday and Sunday to think about, write, and get them ready to put in the mail on Monday without feeling guilty about it… :roll_eyes:


I too. In the past, I often asked for adresses on the weekend, then I dropped the cards in the mail on Sunday evening or monday morning.
Nowdays I have more freetime, so I just drop them in the mailbox, when I have finished writing, as my nearest mailbox is just 2 mins away :slight_smile: