TIGER & BUNNY Fans Meetup in Hsinchu,05,05,2022

Hello !
We are going to have a meetup in Hsinchu city on 05/05.
TIGER & BUNNY is a Japanese animation, the first season is on the air in April 2011.
As a fan, I will hold a meetup to celebrate the second season finally aired after 11 years.
I prepared 2 special meetup postcards.


Date: 05 May, 2022

Time: 18:30~ 20:30

City: Hsinchu, Taiwan

No. 73, Jiafeng 1st St., Zhubei City, Hsinchu County 302042 , Taiwan
Minimum charge: one drink per person.

Activity: Communicate among fans and share peripheral collections,
Gathering ,sharing postcrossing’s experiences, writing and sending postcards.

Since the restaurant needs to be reserved, please MUST contact me first if you want to participate.