Thoughts on members who send the same card to everyone?


Thank you all. I appreciate seeing all the responses. It helps me understand better! :slightly_smiling_face:. That’s the information I was looking for…others opinions to help me learn. I tend to see things from my own perspective so all the responses help. I’ve asked to see how to close this topic as I don’t know how to do it.


:rofl: it Made me laugh so much :kissing: it could have been me writing that :grin:
I Hope it is a bought one (The Person sends) even it feels Like a free one…

I hope so…that would be nice.

That is such an interesting thought! :face_with_monocle:
I have that Sometimes when i am in a RR were it’s Not about a wishlist. When it simply is about a topic For all. If Not the exact Picture at least i Like to send to everybody in The Same price range. (Either everybody gets a 50 Cent Card or everybody a 1,40€ Card. Something Like that)
I Like you think that could be The Personen opinion.

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i think this is perfectly worded and we all need to keep this in mind.

actually i had a profile today with about 4 pages of all the same send out cards and a, well, not very exciting profile text. of course it comes to mind that that person is maybe a bit less excited about postcrossing than i am or maybe cares more about receiving than sending. or maybe they write very long personal messages to everyone but doesn’t care much about the image side. honestly i try to be a positive person but some things come to mind.
but then again it doesn’t really matter what i think. i still need to send out a card, and to me that’s the part that i enjoy most. so i still pick out a nice card, put on some washitape and write a nice message. i did my part, had some fun with it and now it’s up to the receiver.

i recently got a hurray message from someone who said they hoped i would receive as wonderful cards as i’m sending out. that’s very sweet and also something i actually believe in. i see quite a few topics about people not wanting to send out cards because other people are violating the rules by making demands or something. but why is it okay for you to do the same, if you don’t like someone else doing it?


They probably print their own cards, on a website where you only save money if ordering in bulk.

Not everyone knows - or at least not right away - that Postcrossers like cards to be based on their profile. Maybe now this person knows, but they still need to send out what they already bought.

Another thing: not everyone can afford postcards at the prices we pay. Maybe this person could only afford to join Postcrossing if they got a bulk price for more than 200 or whatever.

Before anyone gets upset: these are all assumptions. I don’t know the sender and this is just what I would assume has happened.


I don’t have a problem with people who do that, in general. But I did get a card once from a woman who made a big deal on her profile about how she DID NOT WANT ad cards. Absolutely no ad cards!!! Then I realized that she sent the exact same card to everyone (several hundreds I think) and it was an ad card. :roll_eyes:

I welcome any postcard, and assume that the card the Postcrosser sends repeatedly is either one they love, one that represents where they’re from, or there is a limited variety of postcards available to them.

One thing I wish we could do is access the profile of the sender before registering and thanking them for the receipt of their card.

I’m new to Postcrossing, but more than once I have sent a second direct message to them after I’m able to see their profile. That could be a good time to ask about the repeated card they typically send.

One thing I notice is that Postcrossers rarely respond to those messages. I guess it’s assumed that the card is the message and there is no back-and-forth communication to be expected afterward.

So far I love the experience of finding art and photography and beautiful images from around the world with a note and cool stamps and stickers in my mailbox. It’s doubly fun thinking about the sender picking out this particular card for me (when it’s clear that they do, which is most of the time) and I imagine where they’re seated as they’re writing the message.

One thing I find funny is the members who say in the profiles “send me anything” yet have a long list of what they don’t like and won’t appreciate at all.

The joy to me is having the person send what they want after reading my profile, not a card that I dictate. Where’s the fun in that?

I also love hearing about what they’re doing to survive the pandemic. Never in my lifetime has the entire globe shared such a difficult experience at the same time, and with this horror that’s descended on us all in the last year, there’s a unique “we’re all in this together” kind of vibe. None of us can travel like we want to.

Be well, everyone. Enjoy the adventure of today.


I am closing this topic at the request of “GrapeGirl”.