Questions about the new forum

Thank you so much!

Yay! I did it! Thanks @Kanerva


Hello, how do I close a topic I started ? I have received replies that help me understand better so I would like to stop any more posts. Thank you!

Flag your own topic, choose the option something else, and ask the moderators to close it. :wink:

Edit: or just wait @Bille to pop up and take care of it. :joy:


Which topic is it? I can close it.


Hello, it was in the general topics. “Thoughts on members who send…” Everyone’s answers helped me understand better. No sense in continuing responses. I appreciate your help in this and this whole community!


This one?

It’s always easier if you provide the URL for a topic that needs some kind of maintenance.

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Hi so perhaps this is a daft question and I already know the answer…

When I message a member, the NEW U2U as it is, how do I know that the member has READ my message? I can see that the message has “Views”, which I presume if it says “2” then that’s myself and the person I sent it to? It’s just that with a U2U it was more obvious that the recipient had read the message. Thanks.

@EDC83 I moved your post .

And yes, you can never know that exactly, but you can guess from the number of hits on the message.

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Thanks for moving my post… Shame you can’t know for sure like the U2U…

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Yes, this has been discussed several times, but it is what it is.


I have a follow up question to the message one. If I open the message twice, does that count as two views? Or does it count each user once?

I think it depends on the time. If you open it a second, third, fourth time on the same day, all of them only count as one view. If you open it again the next day, it will be a second view. At least that is what I observed, I am not sure whether this is accurate.


Was surprised to see this new forum, wow! Will definitely start using this more now!
Just one question: I have been the member of old forum & postcrossing site for like ten years or more, but I still haven’t got the “old member” badge for this site. How can I get it? :slight_smile:

sometimes it takes up to 24 hours to update badges… if after that, it’s still missing you can contact one of the admins :wink:
and welcome to the forum :bouncing:

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Hello, How can I delete a private message ? Apologies if this was already answered ; I looked in the introductory guide and find this answer : To remove yourself from a conversation (and thus delete it from your inbox), use the Add or Remove... button underneath the first message in the conversation. but I can’t find this button. Thanks in advance !

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Thank you for your help, @yudi ! For some reason, I can’t see this part in my private messages… Well, it’s not a big deal, I will archive the message instead.

I think you had to click on the arrow (on the right upper corner at yudi’s pic) in your message first, then you will see it.

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