There is no photo of the postcard I sent

I’m sorry if this question has already been asked. I was looking for something similar, but I didn’t find it. I’m new to postcrossing. People began to receive my postcards, but for the second time the recipient did not take a picture of the postcard. I have seen that other people sometimes do not have a photo in the received-sent postcards. I’m wondering why this is happening? Maybe the card is crumpled, spoiled? Or maybe the recipient didn’t like it? Why don’t they take photos of all the postcards they receive?


Not everyone cares for a wall with scans / photos. Not everybody has a scanner / smartphone / camera. Some are concerned because of copyright issuses. There are many reasons :slight_smile: I always upload all cards (sent and received), because I like to have them all uploaded.


And why didn’t you take photos of all the postcards you send?


Perhaps I misunderstand the rules of the site, but it seems to me that the recipient should take pictures of the postcard, not the sender.

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Hi Nina,

I’m fairly new to Postcrossing too. My understanding is that the sender usually uploads a picture when they send the card. Then when the receiver registers the card, the uploaded picture is there. If the sender does not upload the image, the sender can upload one if they want, but most do not.

Sometimes I remember, and sometimes I don’t. Probably about 6 times I have forgotten, and only once did someone do it for me. My bad!

Senders can upload the image anytime until the card is registered. After that, only the receiver can post the image.

If the image is uploaded, it is available for others to see and is part of the Gallery for the next few days. If not, it doesn’t get publicized, and no one can mark it for their Favorites.

Hope that clears it up. Welcome to the community!



Nobody needs to take a picture. It’s optional for both - sender and receiver :slight_smile:


So, after all, I misunderstood the rules of the site. I thought the recipient should take photos. Thank you for clarifying!


I understand everything! Thank you all for the explanations! It just seemed strange that a person registers one card with a photo on one day, and another without it. Now I realized that the sender of the postcard was taking pictures. Thank you again!


I thought the same when I first joined too and didn’t understand why people hadn’t taken a photo or scanned them. I only found out the sender could do it after six or so of my postcards were not scanned.

We learn as we go along.

Hope you are enjoying Postcrossing!


Like all things new … you will get into a rhythm, and the rules and nuances of human nature amongst Postcrossers will become clearer. You feel more comfortable.
You were wise to check in with other Postcrossers with your question. I didn’t think to do that when I first joined, so it took me longer to “get my sea legs”. And still, I make mistakes … including occasionally forgetting to upload an image before I send a postcard.
And don’t take it personally if someone doesn’t upload your image. I have forgotten to do so when I received a postcard - or a few - when I registered the postcard, because it requires I go back a few steps to take the photo, upload, etc. Sometimes, the moment doesn’t fit into my plans, and then the photo gets forgotten.
Enjoy this community. Lots of lovely people!
And just as many lovely postcards! :postcard:


Always feel free to ask questions; that is why we are here. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes the sender looks for a postcard that has been registered, but doesn’t show on the recipient’s wall. People sometimes delete the pictures of the cards they receive.


Well I’ve learnt something new. Thank you :blush:

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It depends on who has time and technology. I scan and upload everything I send out…its a clean image in case the card is damaged on arrival. I usually scan things I receive if the sender didnt, but not always.


I upload photos of all the cards I send. If I don’t then I have no guarantee that the receiver will remember to do it or have the means to do so. It is just one step in my process. The first few postcards I sent I didn’t know to upload! Doing it myself saves me from disappointment.

I like to think of it as an extra little gift I give to my fellow Postcrossers. A gift of time and extra effort.


Hi, I have the same question actually. Now I want to scan my postcards that I will send. Can you tell me how to upload it? Thank you in advance

Hi! When you’re sending a postcard, they appear in a list on your Travelling Postcards page. If you click on the postcard ID, it should give you the option to upload a photo!

I hope this helps, let me know if it’s unclear and I"ll try to clarify more. I’ll include a screenshot here to illustrate. You can see the “upload photo” button here - I forgot to snap a photo of this one before I sent it!


Thanks so much. I didn’t notice that at all. Your answer is very clear and helpful! :blush:


Happy to help! :blush:

Hello !
I have another question with the image of a postcard I sent : I uploaded it but now the image has disappeared and the little green design at the left of the reference of my postcard has disappeared too ! I asked the receiver why but she doesn’t know… Is it because she has deleted he picture without doing it on purpose ?
Thank you for your help !


You asked me specifically, but I don’t know, so hopefully someone else on the thread can answer this. Notice that if you click the Reply button on a particular person’s response (bottom right corner of their comment), that question or comment goes to that particular person. But if you click the Reply button that’s below all the responses and kind of more in the middle, that goes to the thread as a whole.

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