The type of postcard that foreign friends like

Would you like postcards of traditional Chinese architecture or traditional Chinese calligraphy


Of course! Looks so beautiful! I’ll love to have one! Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Forum!

I would like both types of cards, especially if you explained what they were showing (unfortunately, I can’t read Chinese, and I would need help understanding the calligraphy card.)

Because you are a new user, I wonder a little bit about why you are asking. Did you draw a profile that makes you nervous about sending these cards?

Please don’t worry! Even if a profile says something like “I only want cards with roses!!” this is just a wish. You can send any card you want.

I hope you will have very good experiences with Postcrossing!

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Hi! Yes i would love to. Its a part of chinese culture i would love to admire and find interesting to learn about

Welcome to the forum! :grin:

Yes I would love to receive cards like this, and even though I’m of Chinese descent, the Chinese culture interests me. :slight_smile:

I’ve got to say though, if you are afraid someone might not like these cards, perhaps you can save them for a profile that has “culture” or “painting” as part of the wishlist? But don’t worry about not being able to fulfil the wishlist of others. It is just a wishlist and Postcrossing is not about fulfilling wishlists.


I would love to get any postcard related to the culture or the country it is sent from. Apart from that, I’m especially fond of calligraphy (even if I can’t read the language).

The first is about the Tao Te Ching written by Lao Tzu
Lao Tzu was a philosopher three thousand years ago,
But the content of the article is really not easy to translate, which involves a unique Chinese vocabulary, not easy to understand

Not only that, but Lao Tzu also founded China’s own only religion

Haha, I did hear that there are many Chinese and Chinese in Singapore
Almost everyone in China knows that Singapore has excellent hygiene and discipline

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I am a little embarrassed, because I do not know very much about Lao Tzu except that he was a very important Chinese philosopher. I would enjoy receiving this card with your message because it would encourage me to learn more! Thank you for explaining more about it.

I think you should go ahead and send the cards you like. Every person will receive a card differently. Your title for this thread is “The type of postcard that foreigh friends like.” I really like that way of thinking about Postcrossing, that we are all “foreign friends.” Friends appreciate what we are giving each other, right? If someone every now and again doesn’t like a card, don’t worry! Most Postcrossers really are “foreign friends” and will appreciate what you send them I think.