The price of the stamp abroad

Hello everyone,
I recently went to the post office to send postcards, and the price of a stamp abroad has risen from 1 dollar to $ 1.5. And I’m just wondering how much the stamp costs in your country?
Thank you everyone for your answer :slightly_smiling_face:

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This section has the answer that you are looking for.


Hi, I’ll let this topic close soonish, as your question has been answered. Please go to the topic @KRR mentioned to see the prices for sending postcards in other countries.

this is no longer relevant information about prices, as I mentioned earlier because of the war, the price of sending abroad has changed … maybe in your country the price is different, I recommend you check…

The list in the topic gets updated regularly by forum members from the respective countries - since the prices changed, you can update them for Ukraine there :slight_smile:


@Starling Good day, My humble home is in Canada, to mail international P.C. . The cost is $2.71 Canadian, $1.30 to USA and $1.07 within Canada. I wish I could say for the cost of international stamps they would give us a choice of stamps, they don’t, they are not pretty at all. for that cost I expect at least half a dozen choices :slight_smile:
We do have lovely choices within Canada but they cannot be used for anywhere but here….great topic.


From Northern Cyprus

  • Domestic: 1.00 ₺
  • International
    • Turkey: 1.85 ₺
    • Zone 1: 2.75 ₺ (Europe, Middle East, India, Pakistan)
    • Zone 2: 3.00 ₺ (Asia, Africa, Middle and North America)
    • Zone 3: 3.50 ₺ (Ocenia, South America)

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