The price of SAL in China on FORUM is wrong

This is the imformation on the FORUM

  • Domestic: 0.8 RMB
  • Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan: Air Mail 4RMB, Surface Mail 3.5RMB
  • Others (except HK, MO, TW): Air Mail: 5 RMB
    SAL: 4 RMB
    Surface Mail: 3.5 RMB

BUT the price of SAL is 4.5RMB,not 4RMB
if you use 4 RMB,the post office will not send by SAL,instead,they will send by SM.It will be slower

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It’s not a bug.
It was manually inputted by member.
If you found they are wrong, you can edit them. I believe it’s a wiki, can be edited by members.

Yes — please just edit the wiki directly and correct the information. Anyone can contribute to the wiki to help keep it updated, and thus help the whole community! :slight_smile:

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