The Official Census Does Works!

Before I participate in the 2022 census, usually I got the address from only three countries: Germany, the United States and Russia. Frankly saying I was a bit tired of those, so I choose the option that hope to receive postcards from more countries. And after that, I started getting addresses from Canada, Bangladesh and Kazakhstan. Has anybody else found the changes like me?


Well it’s the Postcrossing official census

The census was just to find out what people in general feel like. It wasn’t a personal wishlist or a magic genie. What happened here is a coincidence.


Yes, what I am talking about is would Postcrossing have improve their way to giving out addresses and I am verifying it by opening this thread

If they gave out more addresses in rare countries that would wreck the system. Where would all the cards to people in Germany and the US come from?

I don’t think anything has changed. It’s just a coincidence.


This sounds like a coincidence to me as well!


i don’t think that’s possible. the only way to ‘improve’ this is to get more people join from less popular countries. that’s not something postcrossing can control though. besides that it’s just first in line deserves a card.

that said i’ve seen more people on this forum say they get more diversity in countries they are sending to. i have repeated countries on for as long as i remember and in january i got 6 or 7 different countries, which is a lot for me.

maybe more people have checked repeated countries, i don’t know. that is one option to explain it.


I noticed the same in the beginning of January, and was wondering if they changed their algorithm too.

Meanwhile for me it’s back to what it was, so I’m thinking that there were some coincidences that lead to more diversity. Maybe many members took a break from writing for Christmas and in the first weeks of January so that more less common addresses remained in the pool (=the chance was higher to draw one of them)? :thinking: Just speculating, I’d be interested too if there is/was a reason behind this :laughing:

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I did the Postcrossing census and found no change in the frequency of countries. I suspect any change you may have seen is just coincidence.

I haven’t noticed a change but i’m not real concerned either. I don’t care if i get 50 from germany :slight_smile: im just happy to be taking part, engaging with folks and try my best to send the perfect card to whomever i get . I’m sad, my 9 slots are occupied all with countries that take 40 days or more to travel to , and i want to send more , but i try to be patient . its always nifty to get card from a new country but its all about the people for me :slight_smile:


I filled out the census but don’t recall the questions now. I don’t really care what countries I draw as they all get a card. Some have faster mail service than others but most all my cards arrive eventually and international postage from the US is the same, even to Canada. But I can see why new members want lots of variety right away