The Mailbox Mystery

Postcrossing really lit a flame for me, in terms of postcard swapping and collecting. I’ve always collected and swapped stamps and this was a natural extension. Then I start getting into Happy Mail and sending packets and crafts. There is no end to the snailmail exchange possibilities.

My latest problem because I’m now on so many sites including this one of course, along with numerous Facebook pages, I will sometimes get something and I have no idea where it’s ‘from’. I may be able to identify the sender but now my challenge is that I have to figure out which site I need to log onto to register it. I probably need to do a better job of tracking what I send and receive, curious what others do to manage this?


Thank you dear Katie333 for having the courage to bring this up!

The 1st time I received a :love_letter: and had no idea who sent it to me, I mailed her BACK a :love_letter: asking her what platform she knew me from :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Thankfully she had enclosed her address on that 1st :love_letter:. She replied​:slightly_smiling_face:and didn’t answer my question​:expressionless:

Now, if I am in an RR, I print out the list of addresses given me. Putting a :white_check_mark: when I mail off their :love_letter: and a line through their name when I receive theirs.

What do others do with TAGS? I’ve had to step back from those, there have just been so many I participated in. And having to keep track was a BIG job!


I keep detailed notes on all cards I agree to send & what the swap is, who’s involved, what’s agreed on & when it is sent (some of this is in the message in the Forum, but I have a shorthand list that’s my master list I update with every trade/tag) - I used to keep track of who tagged me, but I let that go - I just keep on top of what I have to do, lol

And I only belong to Postcrossing - I tried a FB group for penpals, but it was not very effective.


I was wondering about this too!! I have an Excel spreadsheet :joy::joy: (I wish I was as organised in the rest of my life!!)

It captures who I said I’d send to, what tag and the date. I am not quite sure why I am keeping this because if I never get a thank you (which so far I always have) do you contact people to ask if they got it? Or do you just let it go? I don’t know what tag etiquette is!!


I only do official postcrossing (and Bingos) so I don’t have this problem, but I know that some people who have several accounts give subtly different addresses. Maybe you could do that for the different platforms? Add your middle name to one (if you have one), just an initial to the next, use or don’t use abbreviations (St, Rd, Ave - whatever, if anything, applies)… I personally couldn’t do any of that with my name or address :joy:, but maybe you can? Of course you would have to be careful yourself, if you mix up the addresses you’re back to square one. :wink: And of course it’s not a foolproof method, as someone might use an abbreviation just to save space. But perhaps it could work…


In response to @ clareaye
I keep a notebook of all cards I send including tags and direct swaps and I must say I am becoming frustrated with the tags; while most members are wonderful about letting me know they received the cards, several have not and I have messaged them to ask which some obviously did not like by their response and tone. There actually is a member who has tagged me continuously every few days over 8 times in different themes and I have yet to receive anything from them. is a country where mail takes time but it’s been over 2 months so I am just waiting. I could not locate any tag etiquette either, just trying to use courteous common sense.


I put the heart on their address when it’s on the postcard and out in the mail mostly. And I didn’t know about other sites.

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I have a 5 subject notebook that I keep track of everything in. I made it into a spreadsheet with username/postcard sent/date mailed/date received/checkmark if I receive something back

Each tab has its own theme, Monthly RR’s, Swaps, NA RRs, Instagram, etc.

It’s a lot of work, but not too bad if I keep on top of it.


That’s a great idea!

I have an Excel spreadsheet where I register all the cards I have to send and the day I send them, plus I keep track of who tagged me and when. That way, even if I can’t decipher their handwriting for some reason, I can still find out who the sender is and send them a thank you message.


When I tag, I put the name and the tag on my To-do-List :sweat_smile::nerd_face:. When I get the address, I write the card. Than I strike it out from my list. Check :slight_smile: :smiley: So I never forget to send a card.