The Countdown to 10 MILLION!

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Countdown to 10 Million has started.

Well, I just sent my first card with 79xxxxx ID which can only mean one thing… time to start the countdown to 8 million. I love the thrill that comes when we start getting near a milestone postcard ID. The close and closer we get, the more excitement I get every time I draw a new address.

Does anyone else try and draw those milestone IDs so they can be the one to send it? Way back when we we were approaching 7million, I saved up all my cards for a week and then when we got close, I clicked “send” rapidly but I didn’t get very close that time.

A few months ago, I tried to get US-7777777, and I got pretty close. Here’s the card that was closest for me: Postcard US-7777811

Does anyone else play these kinds of games with the ID numbers? Tell me I’m crazy, but I’m REALLY going to try and get 8 million this time around! Only a few weeks to go!!!


COOL! I just discovered that on the forum, anytime you write a postcard ID with the normal formatting, it automatically makes it a link to that card’s information on the site. Nice feature!

I wonder if 8 million usa postcard could happen on world postcard day. That probably too soon.

That would be REALLY cool!

But ya. Probably too soon. I think we go through a few thousand a day. Maybe some math whiz out there can figure out the rate (def. not me :cowboy_hat_face: )

We do in Finland. Here on the forum

A while ago we got FI-4000000 and we are also chasing some other nice numbers. We have countdowns for special big numbers especially on our Finnish Facebook group, it’s fun to follow :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: We usually warn the headquarters of postcrossing when we are approaching a big number, so they can prepare the system for not falling down when we are all trying to get that number.


THESE ARE THE BEST NUMBERS~! Thanks for sharing. I always new I had so much in common with my finish postcrossing friends (and not just because of all the lakes and trees).

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Yes we share love for postcrossing! :heart_eyes: And for numbers :grin:

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Yes! I will try to do that! I will even try for just a random, 7456777 or something. I just like when the numbers are noticeable I guess? That’s the only way I can describe it. Memorable I guess (but not really because I’m horrible with numbers)!

RUSSIA’S 8 MILLIONTH CARD IS AMAZING!!! What a special occasion and what a fun way to commemorate the occasion. Well done! @SvyatSvyat


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And the DE-8000000 is arranged so beautifully with flowers and all. A very nice set-up befitting this important and historical card!

:slight_smile: Nice work All!

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Usa currently has a trend with our million being tv show postcards. Breaking bad for US-7000000 and sherlock for US-6000000. :grin:

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Another interesting trend is one us user has been involved with 3 of the million cards. ChaelaMonstah send US-4000000 and US-5000000. Then she received US-6000000. That’s pretty cool


That is SO interesting. Especially the 6000000 that was SENT to @ChaelaMonstah. Like, drawing 4 and 5 million makes sense because they must have been furiously hitting “send” when the milestone came near. But to RECIEVE US-6000000 from someone else… now that’s amazing.

I’m starting to wonder if maybe the system/algorithm isn’t quite as random as I assume it is… Could there be a Wizard of Postcrossing pulling strings from behind the scenes???

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Hi @ChaelaMonstah . Sorry about the random @ but I am just so impressed with your luck/skill at nabbing the milestone numbers. I feel like our brains are similar and we make fun when we need to :slight_smile:

You going to go for US-8000000 too ?

Hope all is well!


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Definitely going to try! I was sick and bedridden when 7,000,000 million was drawn, so I missed that milestone. Here is hoping my luck returns. :grin:


Cripes! Hope things are better for you at 8m. than they were at 7. Glad you’re back and excited about silly milestones like me :slight_smile: Here’s to Luck!


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Just about 2,000 postcard to go before 8,000,000!

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YAY! I was hoping someone would comment here :slight_smile: I’ve been keeping close tabs on the count…up. And I’ve got some spare slots on my “travelling” this time too. Best of luck to all, but I’m hopefully going to be the lucky 8mil :slight_smile:

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Does anyone know how much is left now?

I just drew an address and there are about 1100 left!

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