The card that I received today

Hi everybody. I wrote in my profile that I don’t like some animals like fish and don’t send me anything with this design please. I received a card today that has a sticker and a fish stamp. I was very surprised why the sender did such a thing. Do I need to register it? Or should I contact the forum administrators?

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according to the Community Guidelines it is not allowed to make the back side of a card public

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Your profile is very long and you wrote about no fish in the bottom. Probably they don’t read all of your profiles.

I think you need to rephrase your profile and put the no fish in the beginning of it and give small explanation about why you don’t like them.

Since 2020 I wrote in the first sentence of my profile that I don’t want covid card and people respect it. I never receive any covid cards.


Yes, you will have to register this card - you cannot make demands about what you want to receive or don’t want to receive, so the sender ultimately can choose freely what they send, how they send it, what stamps they use etc. As long as it is a postcard, you have to register it.

As to why they did it - we can only guess. Maybe it was an honest mistake, and I can see that happening. Some time can have passed between them reading your profile and actually writing and decorating the card, and there could have been a thought like “there was something to do with fish …” in the back of their mind. That it wasn’t positive may have slipped through the net at that point.


Please do register it! I understand that it can be very annoying to receive something that you mentioned in your profile to not get it. However, something like this can be overread and the sender still made the effort to send you something. I feel like we should be grateful, even if the themes don’t suit us. :slight_smile:

All in all, as others recommended, write at the top of your profile directly what you don’t like so it can’t be overseen. And remember - people here are allowed to send whatever they like / have at the moment. It is always necessary to register.


Yes, you have to register every postcard, whether you like it or not. If you receive something that is offensive, ask support beforehand. But otherwise, there is no exception, as long as it is a real postcard.

Regarding your profile, it has already been stated before that it is very long and it can happen that someone overlooks or misunderstands something.
Apart from that, according to the rules, you only have to send a postcard, no matter what the recipient wants or does not want. However, most senders make sure that they do not send anything that the recipient does not like - if they have matching postcards. Not everyone has a large stock and does not have to buy it.

Further you write in your profile you don’t want stamps with certain motifs. I would like to point out that there are countries where the stamp selection is not too large or the sender lives in an area where it is not possible for him to get a large selection of stamps. My personal opinion on this is that one should not “prescribe” the choice of stamps :slight_smile:

And you should mention at the top of your profile that you wish not to receive certain motifs of postcards.


I agree with the others, you have to register the postcard. I agree with the comments about stamps. Not every country has a big range of stamps.

It also seems to me that the sticker and stamp are related to the stamped message on the card, the sender probably thought they were being thoughtful.


Yes, you need to register it. However, you should mention the situation in your Hurray message, suggesting the sender be more careful in future.


Please register the card. I know postcard wishes in the profile are tolerated and it’s nice to send and receive something according to them, but this is not a stamp exchange site and no one has to have great selection of stamps. Sometimes I send cards directly from the post office and they put whatever stamp they have available. Plus, when using travel mode, it’s unlikely I’ll go around to find variety of stamps. Sometimes they can only be purchased online and are not found in post offices. I agree with others that it would be better to put your dislikes at the beginning of your text and I’m sure most users will send something that suits you. I wouldn’t mentioned this to the sender because I don’t think it was intentional and they did the best they could at the moment.


Yes, and if it was intentional (some are like that, unfortunately), maybe let them think you didn’t notice it at all :smile:

But yes, it’s not often possible to choose what stamp to use.


I am slightly curious why you wish for animal cards but don’t want animal stamps…I love our new elephant stamps and have been using them as well as dogs, rabbits, fruit, flowers, and birds. They are nicer than stamps of people I never heard of (scientists, politicians, soldiers etc). We have new cat & dog stamps coming in 2023, as well as foxes which will be fun. Likely other members use nature stamps too so you will probably get more things you don’t like…it happens to everyone occasionally.


Yes, please register it! Postcrossing isn’t about adding to your card collection but sharing a bit about yourself and communicating around the globe. They may have only had fish stamps available.


I agree! I wouldn’t want to leave a negative Postcrossing experience on the original sender, especially if they didn’t notice. As someone who is naturally very anxious, it would make me feel terrible to hear I intentionally upset someone. Even though it may be small for others, it may prompt a user to leave the site if they feel they cannot fix the problem.


I also don’t see a point in mentioning it to the sender.

Either the sender meant to annoy the receiver (for whatever reason), i.e. they did it on purpose, and it would probably only satisfy them to know they achieved their goal.

Or the sender did it with good intentions (misunderstanding/misremembering the profile) or because they had nothing else available, and then it could make them feel really bad. I think there wouldn’t be any winners in this scenario.


Loads of people never read profiles at all. Having now read yours, I find it very picky - you don’t get to decide what stamps people have access to! If you have a genuine phobia of all animals (which would be odd) you can mention it but even if anyone reads it they could well not have enough English to understand it. In fact, they may only understand the word ‘animal’ and think that’s great, this person loves animals and I’ve got just the stamp for them!

I’ve just moved country and had a browse for stamps and turns out I can choose from exactly two designs. Fun times. If you don’t like them, that’s tough.


I think everything has been said here and the questions are answered.

Every card you receive must be registered - unless it is offensive, inappropriate or indecent.
In that case, you can ask the support for advice :arrow_right: Contact us
Wishes can be mentioned in the profile, but other users do not have to fulfil these wishes.

I close this topic now because we have a lot topics where we discuss about profiles, wishes and what people don’t like.