The Body Shop (Free Ad cards)

Hi anyone got “The Body Shop” near them and do they give out FREE AD postcards? I’m looking for some if they do and would be interested to find a store that does offer them, sadly the one here in Lincoln doesn’t…

Many thanks, if your one does, please let me know… TIA. :slight_smile:



Body Shop Indonesia gives free ad card with theme Stop Sexual Violence

If you are interested in swapping, you may contact other Indonesian members.
I am sorry I don’t use Body Shop :sweat_smile:


Hi yeah, I know this as my lovely girlfriend put me onto them… :slight_smile:

Thanks for info, trying to see if The Body Shop here in U.K has any. :slight_smile:

Take care and all the best…


Hi @EDC83 the Reading branch didn’t have them when I went this morning.

Hi thanks for letting me know, maybe there is one and maybe not? :slight_smile: