The 4th Postcrossing meetup in Dali

:world_map:  PROVINCE: Yunan province
:world_map:  CITY: Dali
:pushpin:  MEETUP PLACE:大理古城
:alarm_clock:  DATE & TIME:2021-2-21 14:00
:page_facing_up:  MEETUP PLAN:exchange postcards and talk about postcards


有兴趣的朋友可以到Meet up RR 开新组哦 :heart:

Hi! I really like postcards from the postcrosser meeting!! could you switch with me? what can I offer for an exchange?

Wow,of course.Which one do you want to swap?I like some special card(about your Ccity,food,animal,cute )

Wow,of course.Which one do you want to swap?I like some special card(about your city,view,food,animal,cute and so on )

Hi! thank you for agreeing to the exchange… I live in a small town…There are such-suddenly you will like (these are small peacocks in different images. The peacock is the symbol of my city.) Also - the most beautiful view in my city - on the temples. And the sculptures that adorn the city center (once it was a merchant’s house - so the merchant’s family and the girl selling the goose). If you liked three postcards, I would ask for all three of yours :slight_smile:

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![P10221-130932|340x453](upload://pkVi4nHVOAU5gLpfYb0vLpTVOAt.jpeg) ![P10221-130939|340x453](upload://hROwS00TdywlF3rwYhkjJcWXWmI.jpeg) ![P10221-130947|340x255](upload://yEpgYpLe3gQV1EQLtt3NLfFzZBb.jpeg)

Wow,I like the first ,fourth and Last please message me the adress

These postcards?

My address: Russia, Moscow region, 142210 Serpukhov, St. Brigadnaya, d. 4, kV. 69 Shepilova Zoe

And write your address, please. Do you want to sign postcards or send them clean ones? Can I have it in one envelope? You can send it to me in one envelope (or as it will be cheaper for you to send it) Thanks!

School of Finance and economics
Jimei University, 78 Shigu Road
Jimei District, Xiamen City
361021 Fujian Province


361021 福建省 厦门市

Yes,you can choose one,you can use envelope,but can you write some on they?some about yourself or your country and so on.

Oh! thank you very much. I’m sorry, I was too hasty - and I already sent it a week ago…

Never mind.Thank u.Have a good day

Here-I found a photo (there is still no stamp-I weighed the envelope at the post office)

(image removed by admin, since it contained addresses)

As soon as you receive it, please write to me.

OK,thank you very much

Hi! May I ask for a swap, too? :slight_smile: Your Meeting postcards look awesome!

Of course we can swap,which one do you like?

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