That "DOH!" moment

Has anyone experienced that “DOH!” moment when sending a card? Something you wish you had done with that particular card but didn’t before posting? I have a wide selection of single stamps and try to choose one that may match a profile request. No sooner have I stuck it on the card and then apply for another address when I see the stamp I just used would have been PERFECT for the new address. I had some Queen stamps (the music band) and used them when someone was a music fan. Used them all up and the next address I received was a HUGE Queen fan. DOH!!! :confounded:


:joy: Yes, I recently had someone who liked classic movies so I used an Audrey Hepburn card and then the next person I drew was a huge Audrey Hepburn fan and the previously sent card was the only card I had of her.


Yes! I’ve been pen palling for many years, so I aways have a stash of stamps that I tend to use according to the color I decorated the envelope because non of my pen pals collect them, so I used them to match the decoration :love_letter:. I started postcrossing recently, and a few weeks ago, I got an address from someone who likes airplanes. As I don’t have any airplanes postcards (postcards are really hard to find in my city, and I’ve only manage to get some touristics ones) I remembered I had some airplanes stamps… but, I had used them on a pen pal letter… I went to my philatly office to look for more, and it turned out there are off circulation… So, I don’t know if this was a “doh!” :woman_facepalming: moment, or a “nooooooo” moment :weary:.


It’s so frustrating! I had a Joker stamp (from playing cards) popped it on a card for someone who said they liked colourful stamps. The very next address was someone who collected playing card Jokers! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I had a card with snow-covered Gelendzhik, which for several years seemed useless to anyone. Finally, I drew a profile that seemed to suit it, though the hurray was not very excited. And recently I saw such a card in someone’s favorites in the tag where we send favorite cards. Oops!


Well, I once decorated the stamped card with stickers … forgetting to leave space for writing :grin: on a card to someone especially saying she wanted cards written …


I have a card on the way to Slovenia right now. The recipient loves old antique postcards and postcards of ships. I sent a card from the 1950s with an ocean liner docked in Bremen. I said the ship was The SS Bremen. But it was actually the USS Europa. I was laying in bed last night completely unable to sleep because of this mistake!!! What do I do? Wait to be corrected? :stuck_out_tongue: