Thanks so much - you really got these kids to write!

Hello world,
English is so much fun - if there wasn’t all that grammar! This is more or less the way many of my classes feel about the language. Kinda cool, but…

With these lines I started my request to the world in mid-February. What I did not know back then: So many of you read it - and so many sat down to write to my students.

Meanwhile, our project is almost finished. The kids had to each send at least 4 postcards themselves, create their personal pinboard which shows their postcards back and front. They also had to draw a map of the world which showes where they’ve received mail from, and they had to either write a letter so some of you or do a piece of research (history of the stamp, for instance) - all in English. Now they know how to address a person they haven’t met, how to end a postcard, what to write in between and how important it is to write addresses very clearly.

Some of the very special moments were those where I brought postcards to the class which were addressed to a certain kid instead of to the entire class. You should have seen those proud faces. They were proud thanks to you!

In a few weeks this school year will be over. This is why I would like to say: Thanks so much! It was a pleasure being in contact with you! Depending of which English classes I will have next year I might do the same project again - except for the fact that then I would start much earlier than mid-February…

(Even if the project and/or the school year is almost over, the kids can stay in contact with you and you can still write back to the same address. Our school is not that big so I will find them even in fall :slight_smile: !)

Thank you all and have a wonderful time!
Eva Sünderhauf


Pm Sent

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Hi i send u a pm

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PM sent.

pm sent

On the way to your students . I hope u will have fun and it could help.

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Hello! Are you asking for cards from people who speak English as a second language? Or should native English speakers also send cards? I will not be offended either way :slight_smile: I just want to make sure before I dispatch a few.

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Hello! Sory for getting back late, we had 1 week off…
It would be wonderful to receive a postcard from you. and we would love to send you one in return, provided you’ll let us know your address!

I WILL SEND some postcards with big pleasure

I’ve already send you a message

but I forgot to write my address

pm sent

My students are sending one from Texas!

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We will be so happy to exchange postcards and letters with you :slight_smile: