Thank you for postcards received - North America

Not my US State tag: thank you @l2y fof the Minnesota postcard. I have not been there yet. Someday maybe!

usa to usa tag
@virgomar0918 - thank you for the papersister spring postcard for my collection :bouquet::sparkles: spring here, has been very new england so far; i am still holding out for that last minute march snow storm, but it has been too warm so instead of snow we just get cold and windy rain haha :see_no_evil:

na loupaper tag
@virgomar0918 - thank you for the donut loupaper! :doughnut::two_hearts: arent these cards beautiful? one of my favorite local places makes an “everything bagel” donut that is essentially everything bagel toppings but made with donut dough and served with a creme cheese filling (sound weird but it is so yummy, especially if you do t have a huge sweet tooth) :bagel:

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Thanks @Vagabond_Trader for the great card of an anhinga from Brazos Bend State Park, and amazing vintage stamps, too! Thanks very much, Amanda, and happy spring!

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Thank you @hootnoodle for the lovely Oregon coast card. I’ve been MANY times as I grew up south of Salem.

NA I want … tag
@virgomar0918 sent this fun coffee card. I also generally drink 2 cups of coffee every morning. Thanks for adding to my collection! :coffee:


US to US Request a Color [purple or gold] Tag

@rabidtriangle - a shiny gold card with purple ink and decorations on the back. Thank you. I, too, have a stash of cards accumulated long before I started postcrossing, but it has grown a lot rather than shrunk since I started mailing more.

From @StephofYorktown a great card of the Smallwood Store Museum on Chokoloskee Island, Florida. Thanks a lot, Stephanie, and glad that you had a fun trip with your mom!

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@sunflak sent for the NA Scavenger hunt tag

I don’t like Baby Ruth’s but it reminded me of Chunk and Sloth in The Goonies when I saw the card.

NA Scavenger Hunt Offer Tag

Thank you @nhigh for the Gold Card! Sounds like an American Express.

na loupaper tag
@SandwichTeaPostcard - thank you so much for the cheeseboard loupaper and matching stamp! :cheese::bacon::grapes: yep, my family is from hk - i totally relate to that feeling too haha; it is like finding a kindred spirit! :two_hearts::sparkles:

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US to US Request an Animal Tag
I requested a hound and got Beau, the adorable basset hound. :heart: Thank you, @hootnoodle! I love the fun stamps you used, too. I hope your newly adopted cat is doing well!

NA perpetual holiday tag

Thank you @hootnoodle for the science postcard for National Science Appreciation Day. Science is definitely important but it wasn’t my favorite subject in school. :grinning:

NA Request an animal [amphibian] tag

@aemenheiser2 - a great collection of colorful amphibians. Thank you. My daughter’s best friend had a pet axolotl. They are weird-looking creatures.

NA Taking out the trash x4 tag

@eirbjorn - Thanks for some terrific “trash” cards, and even more, for your wonderful note!

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NA Sticker Tag A great card with amazing stickers and decorations. It is a work of art. You are super talented Katie @kat4544 Thank you :two_hearts: And the postmark is wonderful too!

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NA Perpetual Holiday Tag

@TrvlCat - Thank you for the card for Purple Day, with purple clouds reflected in the water by the village of Corea, Maine, with purple flowers (lupine?) on the grassy bank overlooking the harbor. Thank you. I didn’t know about Purple Day, either, until you described its meaning.

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NA taking out trash tag

Many thanks @architeuthis for a great selection of cards! Amazing envelope, very impressed with your creativity, Ruth!

US to US Request a Color Tag

@thetexasflorist - a bright glittery card from the Chief Hotel Court in Las Vegas. Thank you. Welcome to the Postcrossing forum. I really love all the happy mail.

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NA I spy tag

Thank you @aemenheiser2 for the Shenandoah National Park postcard. It’s no fun getting lost while driving but how neat to end up at this national park. Maybe one day I’ll be able to visit it.

NA perpetual holiday tag

Thank you @nhigh for the Maine themed postcard for National Craft Month. I haven’t tried this blueberry soda before but I think I have had their root beer. Glad you enjoyed Maine when you visited.

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USA to USA tag

@jennyjennyjenn - the Jefferson County Courthouse in Birmingham, Alabama. County courthouses can be such elegant, impressive buildings! Thank you. Washington also has a Jefferson County, so I looked up how many other states have one. There are 26!

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NA Taking out the Trash x4 Tag

@l2y - Thanks for the interesting collection of “trash”. I especially liked the colorful poster for the Herman Miller summer picnic.