Thank you everyone who sent us cards!

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone here who sent my grade 4 class a postcard from October 2021-May 2022. Here is a picture of the 183 postcards we received, from 30 countries! We were all blown away by how many we received and our class’s project was much admired by everyone in our school community. I’m so glad I did this project, and I’m planning to do it again next Fall!

Claudia Klippenstein
Ardrossan Elementary School
Alberta, Canada


Awww, this looks brilliant! :heart_eyes:


Hello @claudiaklipp,
Thank you for sharing with us your class postcard project. So cool to see such a beautiful and huge variety of cards! And it makes me feel happy and special to see my card there, joining the happy mail sent by so many Postcrossers.
You’ve done a great job introducing your students to the world through these many personal connections! Bravo! :clap: :bouquet:


Totally awesome :open_mouth:

Well done. How do you see your initiative developing in the classroom?

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This looks amazing! It radiates positivity in a world where, at the moment, there’s so much negativity. Hopefully your students can feel that through all those different postcards from different countries with different cultures and languages, yet sharing one hobby :heart_eyes:

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I am so happy that you did this wonderful project with the class. I think I sent one from my home town of Mitchell, South Dakota, USA. Keep up the good work for the next generation. Let me know if I can share this with my letter writing FB groups.

  • Roha

This is WONDERFUL so many Postcrossers contributed to your fun idea!!

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Loving this!

I think it’s great that you put the world map in the middle - Looks like you put a pin to whereever a card came from?

What did you do with the cards at the end? Did the kids get to keep them?

Yes we put a pin for each country we received a card from!
At the end of the school year I let each student in the class pick 8 or 9 cards to take home to keep. They were very happy about that!


Hi Roha,
Yes feel free to share! Thanks for asking!


I hope there wasn’t any fighting about who got which card - Maybe next time you should make it a lottery and then they can trade amongst each other. Just to be on the safe side… :wink:

Thank you for sharing this monstrous display of both learning and the generosity of the amazing Postcrossing community! This has to be something your students will always remember. Thank you for sharing, and for being an educator.

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I pulled one name at a time and they all took turns in an orderly manner - we teachers have ways of dealing with these things. :grin:


Wow! Love it. Thank you for sharing the project with us!

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Good for you! :wink:

@claudiaklipp I’m curious about how you worked with the postcards. Were they used by many disciplines? Like English, history, geography, science, religion, etc? Were the kids interested on doing research about some of the postcards, the places or the subject shown?
I think this is one great instrument of learning and would like to propose here at my local school

great idea and implementation!
I am happy to use it and try to use it in our school.
What did You start with? Have You posted an advertisement - a request on the postcrossing page?

When we received the cards I would read them aloud to the whole class. Then I would pass them around the room so the kids could have a closer look at the stamps, pictures, and writing. Then we’d hang them on the board. If I noticed a high interest in the class about a certain place or country we would look it up together on our screen at the front of the room. I definitely tied it into writing lessons - how to write a card, editing their writing, responding to questions etc.
It was just a great way to talk about the geography of the world and expand their general knowledge a bit!


Yes I posted a request on the Postcrossing forum at the beginning of the school year!

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